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You can now enjoy your favourite music wirelessly at home — from the bedroom to the backyard

Once upon a time when you were renovating, you had to knock down walls to wire the sound through to all the rooms in the house. Now, with Sonos ZonePlayers in all the rooms in the house where you want music, you can simply pick a room, pick a song and hit play.
The Sonos® Multi-Room Music System lets you play all the music you want, all over your house — from the bedroom to the backyard. And, even better, you can control it all from the palm of your hand.

It’s the first wireless multi-room music system of its kind and it’s going to change the way you listen to music at home. With the full-colour controller in hand, your entire music collection, internet, radio and online music services are at your fingertips.

For Further Information, visit www.playback.com.au.

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