Innovative Flooring System

Innovative Flooring System
Innovative Flooring System
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Ideal for renovators, this flooring system is easy to install, strong, lightweight and flexible

OneSteel’s DuraGal Flooring System® has enjoyed more than 15 years of market acceptance, and recent trends towards more environmentally conscious building have only heightened its appeal. The system is ideal for extensions and renovations, especially on sloping and difficult sites, and suits most cladding products available. The relatively lightweight sections make them easy to install where site access is an issue, being light enough to manhandle into position.

The success of the DuraGal Flooring System® is based on its innovative design, which allows for ease and speed of construction. This, along with the significant weight saved compared to the concrete option, provides additional savings. Due to its lightweight steel material, it is easy to handle and is free from shrinkage, warping and termites.

The galvanised finish of the DuraGal Flooring System® improves corrosion resistance. Adjustable piers (both during and after assembly) enable fast and accurate levelling, which can be perfectly matched to existing structures. Pier heights, even post-completion, are adjustable to overcome differential settlement in footings due to reactive soils. Long spans reduce the environmental impact of footings on the site, reducing erosion and sediment control issues, as well as opening up space under the floor for additional car storage, rooms and water storage.

No on-site welding is required, with the entire structure able to be pre-cut and delivered to site for assembly, requiring only a Tek screw gun for construction. Normal floor sheeting can be glued and gun-nailed to the DuraGal? RHS joists. It is also suitable for installing alternative flooring products, such as Hebel SoundFloor? panels for increased thermal efficiency, and is an excellent base for tiled floors.

The DuraGal Flooring System® is readily available through a national network of OneSteel and Metaland businesses, which can assist with your project requirements. This is a fantastic, cost-effective suspended flooring option for your renovation or extension project. OneSteel also has builders available for a complete supply-and-installation package.

If your project involves a sloping or difficult site, or you need a system that delivers strength and is lightweight to give you design flexibility, provide you with termite and fire resistance without introducing chemicals and other expensive treatments, consider the DuraGal Flooring System? from OneSteel. Proudly manufactured in Australia to meet Australian conditions.

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