Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool


tropical gardens

Exotic and charming, these are shade structures with a difference

You can keep your cool during the heat of a summer’s day then enjoy a long romantic evening with a Bali-style gazebo. More than just a personal hideaway, it makes for a stunning feature in any tropical backyard.

The roof can be made of either alang-alang grass or timber shingles. Both materials are waterproof and the thatching insulates so well that on a hot day it will be about five degrees cooler underneath it.

“At Gazebo Direct, we find a lot of our customers are amazed how well our gazebos fit into an average sized or small backyard. Each one of our gazebos is individually hand made by traditional skilled carpenters in Bali, leaving the mass produced treated pine look-alikes far behind,” says co-owner of Gazebo Direct, Peter Atchison.

 For maximum design flexibility, gazebos are available in a variety of options — traditional or modern, with full- or low-height walling, with or without flooring. And when choosing flooring you have plenty of exciting new options, including marble and other types of stone.

“Our gazebos come in a kit form and can be installed by the home handyman with a few simple instructions,” adds Peter. “Gazebo Direct can also freight your products anywhere in Australia — or, in fact, anywhere in the world — so ask us for a quote.”

“These photos show the perfect combination,” he continues. “A Bali-style gazebo next to a pool or over a spa with a merbau timber deck, tropical plants and a nice teak daybed or a rattan setting, which we also supply.”

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