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Defined luxury
Versace Home embodies everyday luxury. The latest collection has extended into luxury work spaces and office accessories, with the Versace client now able to enjoy working in their home or commercial office. The sophistication and elegance of the Berenice desk collection is defined luxury. The desk is designed in a high-gloss lacquer finish, available in a collection of colours featuring bronze decorative ornamentation in a choice of 24-carat gold or silverplate. The desktop inlay features hand-stitched Greek key-patterned leather. Versace offers its clients custom leather options to suit personal interior tastes. If leather is not for you, Versace has designed an optional crystal glass inlay for the Berenice desk featuring the iconic barocco design laser etched inside the crystal glass. Versace features a collection of chairs to complement. The new desk accessories are equally stunning, available in gunmetal or gold finish. Versace has designed all highly functional stationery pieces for pens, scotch tape, post-its and more. Versace Home interior design services are now available nationally in Australia.
For more information on this collection and services, contact Versace Home on 02 9690 6553 or email

personality plus
This mid-century modern black Demi Lune sideboard with nickel-plated oval handles from Cromwell Australia is the perfect addition to any home — a unique contemporary design that incorporates style and function. Jazz up your interior with this stunning piece of furniture. For more information, contact Cromwell Australia on 03 9510 5294. coloured youth Discover the look that is right for you with Stanley Furniture, imported from the USA and exclusively distributed in Australia through Globe Imports. Young America is the youth range for Stanley Furniture and has introduced some exciting new colours to the collection. The Ma Marie panel bed featured here is available in French White, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Antique Black and Sea Grass. The Young America range, featuring children’s bedroom furniture, is only one in more than 30 groups with the Stanley Furniture Collection. A comprehensive view of the complete collection can be found on the Globe Imports website and is available through leading furniture retailers and selected interior decorators and designers.
For more information, contact Globe Imports on 02 9899 4768 or visit

Classic perfection
Add a touch of French elegance and class to your home with a distinctive new piece from Image de France. This perfect reproduction of a Louis XIV Boulle commode is veneer with inlaid brass that is gold plated — the intricacy in the details surpasses the classic beauty of more contemporary furniture pieces. Originally built by Andre-Charles Boulle (1642-1732), the original commode was made as a pair for Louis XIV’s bedchamber at Trianon. As an architect, cabinet maker and bronze worker, Andre obtained the royal privilege of lodging and working in the Louvre. The commode you see is every bit as perfect as the original and is available now from Image de France.
For more information, contact Image de France on 03 9815 1922 or visit

coloured youth
Discover the look that is right for you with Stanley Furniture, imported from the USA and exclusively distributed in Australia through Globe Imports. Young America is the youth range for Stanley Furniture and has introduced some exciting new colours to the collection. The Ma Marie panel bed featured here is available in French White, Cotton Candy, Lavender, Antique Black and Sea Grass. The Young America range, featuring children’s bedroom furniture, is only one in more than 30 groups with the Stanley Furniture Collection. A comprehensive view of the complete collection can be found on the Globe Imports website and is available through leading furniture retailers and selected interior decorators and designers.
For more information, contact Globe Imports on 02 9899 4768 or visit

Deluxe flame
One of Australia’s leaders in gas fireplace technology, Real Flame, is proud to announce a new addition to its range — Pyrotech Deluxe. It features all the hallmark looks of the Pyrotech standard with some fabulous new additions. The new Deluxe model comes with full wireless remote control incorporating a seven-day programmable timer with four individual settings per day, modulating thermostatic control, auto twospeed fan, electronic ignition and an impressive 4.1-star rating. Available in black or stainless-steel finishes, it will enhance any décor and you can enjoy a night by the fire anytime, without “burning” excess energy. The bonus of a gas fireplace is that it provides instant heat once lit and the new Pyrotech Deluxe is even better as it has a double-glazed front for a full uninterrupted view of your new fireplace. Real Flame’s high-efficiency fires are the stylish yet environmentally friendly choice in gas fireplaces.
For more information, contact Real Flame on 03 9428 4443 or visit

Dancing flames
Create and control the ultimate style for your fireplace and not just its exterior looks. With the new gas fireplaces from Chazelles you can control the flame to create patterns that appear as if the flames are dancing. With the unique precision of the CG150 burner that uses natural gas only, you can use the remote control to adjust the infinitely variable flame height to ensure the best dancing flame effect. By choosing the surrounds of the fireplace to a style in harmony with your living space, it is possible to enjoy the warmth of this gas fireplace in a totally new way. For more information, contact Chazelles by visiting be comfortable with crystals Imagine snuggling into bed with an unparalleled Swarovski crystal quilt set. Made from taffeta silk with encrusted Swarovski crystals, this quilt optimises comfort and decorating opulence. Available in a range of colours and designs, these quilt sets are so unique you can even have your own name or design encrusted onto the quilt in Swarovski crystals. All quilt sets are one of a kind in Australia and exclusive to Casa Viva Interiors.
For more information, contact Casa Viva Interiors on 07 5529 2962 or visit

Sit back and enjoy…
Space for serenity; an oasis of wellbeing; cushions that become homely landscapes … the upholstered furniture range Jalis (designed by Jehs + Laub for COR) is fabulously comfortable. The Stuttgart-based designers Jehs + Laub, who already acquired a permanent place in the COR collections in 2008 with the strict geometry of their Cuvert seating furniture range, have now developed a new world from the basic shape of the cushion, creating diversity from one form: Jalis, taken from the Arabic, is the magical word for relaxed communication; comfortable in any circumstances. Cushions are placed side by side — like stories told one after another. Special upholstery provides support and fabulous comfort. No less unusual than the concept itself is the new cover fabric Patio with wovenin ornaments, developed by the Rohi textile manufacturing company. Only becoming visible when the incidence of light changes, its patterns seem almost three-dimensional and resemble fine embroidery. Create oases of wellbeing: the upholstered furniture range is an all-round talent that can float, rest on pedestals, integrate or highlight tables, change levels and incorporate niches and floor recesses. No matter where it stands, its enclosed backrests and deep seats create a sense of security.
For more information, contact Siekaup Furniture on 02 9906 5472 or visit

Innovative fit
The Huwil range of overhead cabinet fittings is easy to open, silent and smooth to operate, and allows the kitchen user to utilise high-wall cupboard storage. Offering sophisticated design, the Strato Parallel liftup front fitting for single fronts lifts up the cupboard door parallel to the cabinet. It is ideal for wall cabinets that have cabinets directly above. The Strato is great for concealing appliances and like other lifts from Huwil, it can be stopped at any desired position. There is also the E-Strato — the electronic version of the Strato Parallel lift-up fitting. The door can be moved with the touch of a button without compromising stability and includes a programmable push button, which allows the user to set the stopping point of the door. It may also be programmed to open several door flaps at once, an ideal solution for commercial kitchens.
For more information, contact Häfele Australia on 1300 659 728 or visit

Refined sophistication
Sovereign Interiors is proud to present the Fili D’erba dining table, designed and crafted in Italy. This elegant suite epitomises grace, class and sophistication through its sleek and subtle curved design. With its delicately sculpted Murano glass base, stainless-steel accents and clear glass top, the Fili D’erba table is a unique and striking feature to complement your distinctive home. Available in various colour combination such as blue, turquoise, frosted white and a special-edition version with a gold and murrine glass base, the Fili D’erba dining table is understated refinement at its pinnacle.
For more information, contact Sovereign Interiors on 07 5592 0161 or visit

Balancing act
Designed by Joe Wentworth, Ipogeo is an unusual floor lamp that has been conceived on a macroscale and is characterised by a special loadbalancing system. Finished in simple black and red, the simplicity of its style belies the complexity of the design. Due to a meticulous balancing of loads, it brings light to every corner of a room with just a simple gesture. Ipogeo is fully adjustable and will create a unique feature in any space. It is available to view at Artemide showrooms now.
For more information, contact Artemide on 1300 135 709 or visit

The no-fuss kitchen
Kitcheners Kitchens offers the new Blum’s Servo-Drive drawers, an electrical opening support system whereby the drawers and high-fronted pull-outs open automatically using an electric drive with just a light touch on a handle-less front or a light pull of the handle. As Kitcheners Kitchens founder Michael Kitchener puts it, “This translates to benefits offering more than just the streamline look. It creates total freedom of motion in the kitchen. And everyone, from children to the elderly, can effortlessly activate the heaviest of drawers with just the lightest of touches.” There are no handles, no lines and no shadows, creating that stylish streamline look.
For more information, contact Kitcheners Kitchens on 1800 826 144 or visit

Soak in elegance
If you are a luxury lover, then look no further. For sheer elegance and indulgence, a copper bathtub cannot be beaten. Made by hand, it takes more than 100 hours work to create just one bath — so you can be absolutely certain of the painstaking care that has gone into making each tub. A copper bathtub is the most effective combination of practicality and luxury, as the copper heats up instantly and retains the heat of the water far longer than a conventional bath. With its organic textures and colours, Manorhouse assures that you will agree it is a peerless, living work of art. These baths are made-to-order exclusively for Manorhouse.
For more information, contact Manorhouse on 03 9824 4088 or visit

Golden lighting
Perfect geometric lines and essential squared forms define the style of the Antolini kitchen made of the original and precious material known as Golden Lighting. Crossed by many colour lines, this ornamental stone of precious oriental beauty has a smooth surface from which vivid and intense colours come out. In a kaleidoscope display featuring tonalities of grey, light blue, green and gold, Golden Lighting provides unsurpassed class and elegance to its surrounding environment. The kitchen seen here is characterised by a central island bench on a rectangular plan, on which the body of the kitchen is built. This project is ideal for minimalist spaces requiring plenty of functionalities. Technology is also there to support such a model of elegance, with the surface and cooktop illuminated with multi-coloured LED lights, making it possible to prepare lively and creative recipes.
For more information, contact Antolini Luigi & C by visiting

Make a statement
Now found in luxurious homes and resorts Australia-wide, Creations in Stone handcrafted basins provide statement pieces for contemporary or traditional bathrooms. Basins from Creations in Stone have fast become the choice of Australian architects, designers and discerning consumers who are shying away from traditional white ceramic and are seeking opulent stone bathroom ware. Individually handcrafted from a single piece of granite or marble, Creations in Stone’s craftsmen and designers will design a basin to individual specifications. While offering multiplicity of style, the Creations in Stone collection provides uncompromising workmanship in a wide variety of colours and styles. Pictured is Caltowie in black granite with a masoned finish. For more information, contact Creations in Stone on 02 9966 0571 or visit

Where practicality matters
Aneeta Windows’ sashless windows are a popular choice with architects, interior designers and the home owner because they deliver a unique look of fixed glass with the practicality of a window. Best described as two panes of glass that overlap when opening or closing, the reason the windows have been referred to as “sashless” is due to the simplistic yet sleek look that provides uninterrupted views. Australian-owned company Aneeta Windows is unique in that its simple standard two-pane unit is a vertically counterbalanced double-hung window where the top and bottom panes move concurrently. This provides for adjustable rotational/room ventilation. The windows have a two-lock opening position for increased security. Aneeta sashless windows, with their clean-lined design, unobtrusive views and easy-to-operate system, provide the lifestyle we all strive towards. Bring the outside in by using these windows and create an internal alfresco-style living atmosphere at an affordable cost. There are various compositions to consider, such as single- or double-glazed windows, vertical or horizontal, shaped, curved, raked or retrofit. Create a complete makeover that works in both traditionaland contemporary-style homes, in either timber or aluminium finishes. These windows are tested to AS2047 (Australian Standard), giving you the peace of mind that these systems meet the requirements for design, wind load, water penetration and air infiltration.
For more information, contact Aneeta Windows on 1800 653 207 or visit

Lift off!
Creative multi-level residential designs demand a creative approach to moving people throughout their space. Liftronic Pty Ltd, an Australianowned and -operated supplier, uses its 25 years of experience in the market to supply a range of vertical transport options for its clients. Liftronic provides clients with one of the largest ranges of architectural finishes that will blend perfectly with their interior design. Liftronic’s niche is its ability to custom-design elevators to the clients’ requirements. This ability comes from its extensive Australian engineering experience with the in-house design and drafting team. Many of these designer installations are in service in many prestigious properties around Australia.
For more information, contact Liftronic on 02 9666 3922 or visit

A unique combination
Lloyd Loom & Classics has united with its international trading partners to release an international first — Loom + Leather. The Australian concept has been launched utilising only the highest-quality Italian Aniline leather, Italian loom and German ingenuity. Lloyd Loom & Classics’ unbelievable Loom Lounge comfort has taken years to perfect and is created with traditional materials and contemporary designs. Loom + Leather is truly something unique and you can share in the exciting launch showcased at Lloyd Loom & Classics’ Surry Hills showroom.
For more information, contact Lloyd Loom & Classics on 1800 044 233 or visit

European flavour
Enzo and Genny Sherna would like to welcome you to the new and improved Ultimo Interiors, one of Perth’s premier high-end retail furniture showrooms. A visit to the showroom reveals Australia’s largest Hulsta studio, incorporating lounge suites from Rolf Benz — a complete showroom filled with stunning pieces from two of Europe’s leading furniture houses. The showroom encompasses the affordable Now! By Hulsta range. Many Ultimo Interiors customers have already discovered the versatility and beautiful design features of Hulsta, with their brilliant highgloss lacquers and fine walnut woods. For those who have yet to experience Hulsta’s inexhaustible range, visit the showroom as the beauty of this furniture must be seen!
For more information, contact Ultimo Interiors on 08 9201 2479 or visit

Indoors and out
This extremely stylish contemporary outdoor collection from a Spanish design company features hand-woven poly/wicker fibre, with outdoor canvas cushions and powder-coated aluminium frames. Designed to withstand Australia’s rigorous harsh climate, this product is both beautiful and longlasting. It is useful and functional furniture to be used not only outdoors, but indoors, too. The collection comes in a range of colours, sizes and various lounge and occasional outdoor pieces. Available at Robertsons, it is the perfect furniture for a contemporary environment.
For more information, contact Robertsons on 1300 789 659 or visit

Outdoor viewing
Herma Technologies has recognised Australia’s passion for outdoor entertaining by adding to its high-end exclusive product portfolio — the iizel weatherproof LCD TV. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the IP56-rated weatherproof LCD TV offers superb high-definition performance and superior image quality in a sleek flat-panel aluminium frame incorporating 3mm of anti-glare toughened glass. Designed to work across a temperature range from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius, it includes both analogue and standard-definition digital TV tuners; all necessary connections; optional speakers and theft-resistant weatherproof wall mount. The iizel is the perfect complement to the luxury home and will enhance any outdoor dining area, pool or spa to provide a viewing experience that will be enjoyed for many years to come.
For more information, contact Herma Technologies on 03 9480 6233 or visit

Entertaining made easy
Entertaining has now become easier with the release of the Coonara Fire Pit. With its stylish looks and realistic flame pattern, the Coonara Fire Pit will keep you warm, cosy and relaxed as you enjoy its ambience. With the push of a button, you’ll love watching the flames burning over the pit to provide you with a real open fire effect. The Coonara Fire Pit is approved for both natural gas and LPG and is available in three stylish colours: stainless steel, rivergum and notre dame. It includes a matching lid so that your outdoor unit can be conveniently transformed into a table when the fire is not in use. The Coonara pedigree of innovation has created something special so that you can now entertain outdoors with friends and family long into the evening.
For more information, contact Shamic Sheet Metal (Aust) on 03 9737 5300 or email

Bye bye barbecue
Achieve stylish streamlined design for outdoor kitchens and alfresco areas with BBQ on Q — the world’s first remote-control pop-up barbecue. The BBQ on Q is a new Australian innovation that allows a barbecue appliance to be hidden away when not in use and protected from dirt and dust. The quality stainless-steel barbecue stows securely within an outdoor bar or kitchen countertop and is raised or lowered at the touch of a remote-control button. The BBQ on Q features a quality stainless-steel Australian-made barbecue, remote-control unit and zinc-plated mechanism, which is designed to last in Australia’s harsh outdoor environment. A variety of cabinetry and countertop surfaces can be accommodated including stone, timber, stainless steel, glass and tile.
For more information, contact Neo Q on 0409 676 160 or visit