A pool design with classic charm

With its classic good looks and modern functionality, this spacious new pool is everything the owners dreamed of and more.

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It is also a pool that has curves in just the right places — at either end. At the end closest to the house there is an inviting circular spa. Adjacent to the covered dining area, this fully tiled spa is perfectly positioned for maximum use and enjoyment.

This is matched by a curved, sheer-descent water feature at the far end of the pool. Not only does the shape reference that of the spa, serving to visually connect the spaces, the raised water feature provides a stunning focal point that can be enjoyed whether relaxing in the bubbling water of the spa, dining alfresco or peering out from the rear windows of the home.

Built by Brighton Pools to a design co-authored by Brighton’s Denis Gordon and landscape architect Justine Carlile, this pool is a fine example of the high-end projects Denis is renowned for. Specialising in upmarket pools for prestige properties, company founder Denis Gordon has developed an enviable reputation over the years for tailoring pool designs to suit each client’s individual needs.

“A good swimming pool is basically a reflection of the personality and lifestyle of the client,” says Denis. “A pool should look as if it belongs not simply to the property, but also to the people who live there.”

After consulting closely with the client and checking the site for existing services, the Brighton Pools team determines the best placement for the pool. The decision-making process includes working out how to complement the surroundings most effectively and how to work in with the way the owners currently live and how they would like to live in the future.

“When designing a pool, Brighton Pools ensures the integrity of its surroundings,” says Denis. “That, of course, includes the home and any existing landscaping. At the same time, it should actually enhance its environment.”

Offering a mesmerising mix of sound, movement and tantalising texture, the lance feature wall is the undeniable focal point of this design. Boasting Cotswold cladding and a sheer-descent waterfall, the feature adds life and interest to what is already a stunning setting.

The raised planter boxes are another special feature and work in perfect harmony with the exquisite new pool, which was expertly built by Brighton Pools to the client’s most exacting standards.

As with the pool showcased on the previous pages, Brighton worked with landscape architect Justine Carlile to design a pool that is seamlessly integrated with the other outdoor areas, not to mention the house itself.

For more than 25 years, Brighton Pools’ founder Denis Gordon has been recognised as one of the industry’s leading pool and spa designers. Denis is celebrated throughout Melbourne for his original and highly innovative multi-award-winning designs in contextual landscapes, ranging from heritage-listed properties to contemporary, architectural environments.

The integration of Denis’s son Jay into the family business 10 years ago established a family tradition. With his father’s flair for design, energy and passion for the business, Jay brings a fresh perspective to Brighton Pools that further enhances its reputation for unique and imaginative designs that are as individual as those of clients’ lifestyles and personalities.

Denis and Jay Gordon personally supervise every project, from creative conceptual design through to the pool’s flawlessly executed construction and timely completion.

“Our vision is to develop unique, innovative concepts balanced with traditional design principles to create timeless classics,” explains Denis. “Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our clients, providing the highest-quality products and exceptional service.”

Brighton Pools builds more than 30 pools each year across all suburbs of Melbourne. The company concentrates on the area that includes Bayside, Canterbury, Camberwell and South Yarra.

Brighton Pools was founded by Denis Gordon, who has more than 25 years experience working with fully tiled in-ground pools. The company designs as well as builds pools, and also designs and constructs landscaping. It is a member of SPASA and a registered member of the Building Practitioners Board.
Brighton Pools has won awards in many categories including Innovative, Traditional, Spas and Renovations.

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