How to use and apply beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes have a limited shelf life and require suitable conditions. Once ordered, they are shipped with priority shipping.

When received, the Beneficial Nematodes can be stored as advised for 2-3 weeks, but as they are living organisms they are best used fresh for optimal results.

Storage can vary and check instructions for the correct method. Steinernema are stored in the fridge, whilst Heterorhabditis are stored in a cooler constant temperature room in the house.

How Many do I need?

Different coverage applies for different pests.  Check product information for correct coverage rates

Identify the area to be treated in square meters, and the amount of nematodes required.

Heavy infestations may require two initial applications for best control and can also take longer to adequately control. In this case order the appropriate quantity to cover the area twice, and apply 7-10 days apart.

When can I apply?

Nematodes are susceptible to UV light, and as such they should be applied pre-dusk or at dusk when sunlight is no present. They can be applied when soil temperatures are above the minimum of 12-15 degrees depending on the nematode species – however this is normally when the pest is active and causing damage.

How do I apply?

The nematodes require water to survive and to be able to move around. The area to be treated should be irrigated prior to application. Mulch does not have to be removed unless it is water repelling which is generally indicated by water beading on the mulch when wet, in which case it needs to be pulled aside before applying the nematodes.

The nematodes are required to be rehydrated for 20-30 mins prior to application. This will both activate the nematodes and dissolve the cellulose carrier they are mixed with. Do not rehydrate more product than you are going to use. Unused product can be stored.

They can be applied with a watering can, suitable hose end sprayer or pump sprayer. These should not have fine filters which can get clogged up.

Even application is required. Although the nematodes do move to locate prey, they are microscopic and can only move short distances. A consistent even spread of nematodes during application will improve the chances of treating all pests. Regular agitation of the solution is required when applying as the nematodes can settle

Once applied, the treated area is watered again to wash the nematodes into the soil, and should be kept moist for a minimum of 1 week for best results

Then what?

The nematodes will get to work as soon as applied, and within a 24-48 hours will have commenced work by invading the pests. Damage should stop occurring straight away once infected, and the nematodes will breed within the cadaver to release a new generation of nematodes in 2 to 3 weeks. This process will continue as long as the pest is present to be a host. A couple of pests may be noticed after treatment but this should be below the pest damage threshold and is normal.

A single seasonal application is all that is required for some products, or once per infestation for mobile pests such as caterpillars.

Compatibility with other products

Beneficial Nematodes are surrounded by a protective sheaf to protect and carry the bacteria, but which also protects the nematode from exposure to most generally available chemicals and fertilizers. Some do require a week break. They can be applied with most commonly used garden products. Compatibility can be checked with Ecogrow

Assistance is available for any questions or if there is any doubt to ensure that the product is used correctly and to obtain the best results .

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