Moondani Glass Design

Moondani Glass Design


This Australian company has developed a unique range of standard and customised solutions in glass

For more than 10 years, Moondani Glass Design has manufactured textural glass for the commercial and domestic markets. Its directors have more than 20 years experience in design, construction and manufacture, and installation of textural glass.

What separates Moondani Glass Design is the innovative design and quality of the finished product. The company’s design flexibility allows architects, interior designers, builders and owner-builders to utilise its standard products or create an individual, customised glass feature.

Moondani Glass Design has the manufacturing capacity to produce large textured glass panels in a kiln that measures 4000mm x 2000mm. They can provide textured, sandblasting, colour-fused glass and lamination, and colour coating in-house. This helps to provide the flexibility to work on a wide range of projects, from large-scale commercial developments to those with smaller glass requirements.

Moondani Glass Design specialises in designing affordable solutions in glass. Full sales and technical support is provided combined with project management, and the installation service ensures complete control of the process. The company’s strategy when working with customers is to understand their needs and provide a glass solution that exceeds their expectations. The business focuses on design, quality and customer service.

According to a Moondani Glass representative, “Many of our customers are looking to add some individual and personal touches to their home or workplace, whether new or renovating. Glass has such a diverse application and the fact that we can apply design in the texture and colour to complement the decor, and use different techniques such as sandblasting, means we can truly supply a unique product.

“We receive many positive comments regarding our enthusiasm and customer service within the industry and from our broad customer base.”

Architectural glass has unlimited applications. Moondani Glass Design products are used for:
*Water features
*Entry areas and doors
*Shower screens and basins
*Awnings and canopies
*Sculptures and awards

The uniqueness of this architectural product creates a place where design is enhanced by the benefits of natural light with the minimisation of maintenance. When textural glass is used in entry areas, windows and partitions, light can enter while maintaining privacy and defining spaces.

Colour can be incorporated into panels, introducing depth into the design and complementing the decor of the room. Frameless shower and bath screens offer the perception of space in a small environment and shower scum is less evident on the textural glass.

Moondani Glass is manufactured to size and individual building needs, and meets Australian Standards when toughened or laminated.