Noise-proofing: How to achieve this living perfection

Noise-proofing: How to achieve this living perfection
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Noise-proofing your home is the perfect solution to getting a good nights sleep.

Most people want a home that is a haven of peace and quiet. However, the trend towards building larger homes on smaller blocks of land, combined with new home entertainment products, has led to an increase in both external and internal noise levels for homeowners.

In fact, sleep disorders cost Australians over $10 billion annually* and have a negative impact on people’s mental and physical well-being. Experts agree that ensuring your home is ‘noise proof’ is one of the keys to a great night’s sleep and maintaining good health.

What effects can environmental noise have on homeowners?

Where are the key problem places in homes?

What are the benefits of noise-proofing a home?

Following is a ‘home-health checklist’ of common problem areas and noise-proofing solutions:

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