The heat is on

The heat is on



This winter, keep your home warm and cosy using the latest products on the market, including eco-friendly heating solutions.


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Eco-friendly heat:
It is entirely possible to stay warm in winter and cool in summer without wasting any energy. One of the simplest methods to conserve energy is to consider where you heat. For instance, do you really need to heat every room in the house or can you just keep the areas that you spend most time in warm? Simple, yet effective — heat only where you need to. Another strategy: if you are planning to build your house, extend or renovate, you can design your home so that there’s often no need for energy-burning heating systems or air conditioning.

Letting the winter sun into your house is the main warming principle and that costs nothing to apply to the design of a new building, apart from adapting design elements to allow the sun to do its work. Specific designs, however, do need to be carefully planned to ensure the rooms which need the most heat get the best access to the sun, but it really is that simple — and think of the power costs you will save as well as the reduced gas-polluting carbon dioxide. With the demand today for the convenience of gas, Jetmaster has made it its mission to offer the most realistic-looking gas log fires available on the market.

Flaming heat:
According to Daniel Belnick from Jetmaster, “Fire has played a vital role in human evolution. It protected us, warmed us and helped us to live longer. I believe deep down it is this intrinsic, instinctive link to fire that makes a fireplace feature in the home today so popular.” With the demand today for the convenience of gas, Jetmaster has made it its mission to offer the most realistic-looking gas log fires available on the market.

Two such fires are the Jetmaster iron bark log open gas fire with an approximate heat output of 5.5kW, and the Jetmaster Heat & Glo direct vent gas log fireplace featuring campfire logs with intense yellow flames and glowing embers. Jetmaster Direct Vent gas fires vent straight out the back, making them ideal for multi-storey dwellings as no chimney is needed.

These fires also draw air from outside for combustion, never taking oxygen from the room, which is brilliant for indoor air quality. Leading European fireplace manufacturer, Cheminées Chazelles Fireplaces, has released a new-range ‘Grande Vision’ with the largest ceramic glass doors on the market, complementing the actual ‘Radiant’ fireboxes range. Designed to heat the largest home, this range can be connected to an optional ducting system for a maximum distribution of heat.

The stunning feature is the unique Cheminées Chazelles dual opening system, which allows you to slide up the door so it’s out of view for the full beauty of an open fire. Slide the door down and the fireplace reverts to a safe, efficient and economical slow-combustion wood heater. Available in curved, bay window, see-through or three glasses, all Cheminées Chazelles wood fires comply with AS 4013 smoke emission standards.–CHD–

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