Nothing but Passion

Nothing but Passion
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From the age of nine, Patricia knew she wanted to be a designer. Her strong European heritage encouraged an exposure to worldly styles and methods of creation. She grew to appreciate time-honoured techniques, detailing in embroidered fabrics, intricate carving in furniture and the grandeur of historic architecture.

From this young age, she also dreamt of one day working for herself to revel in the freedom and creativity enjoyed from a self-employed position. To achieve her goals and perfect her art, she studied at the Queensland College of Art the same year Prince Charles and Diana wed. She recalls being one of just two students who attended lectures on their wedding day — a testament to her ambition. After the completion of both her interior design training and business management course in 1981, Patricia helped her husband in his graphic design business — d’Art Design. From here, the launch of her own business, d’Art Interiors, was simply a natural progression. d’Art Interiors has evolved into a customised, friendly and professional design service. “For me, it’s all about the clients’ wants and needs … what suits their environment and lifestyle,” Patricia reflects. She doesn’t specialise in a particular look or specify the “trendy” paint colour of the moment; each project is approached with an open mind and endless possibilities.

Her passion for her work stems from all aspects of the creative process — from the rewarding social interaction with the clients to the actual designing and everything in between. Engaging with her trusted band of suppliers and manufacturers helps Patricia find satisfying solutions to any problem. The desire for design can stem from any spur of inspiration, even from something as simple as a beloved fabric. Patricia remembers when a client mentioned a gorgeous fabric store she visited while in Rome. As Patricia was travelling to the Eternal City the following week, they agreed that if she saw anything appropriate in the same store, she should buy it. Naturally there was something precious to be had — a fabric so special it led to the entire refurbishment of the client’s home. She has a knack for making people feel at ease in her presence, mirrored with great perspective on her profession and life. “Be spontaneous and not afraid,” says Patricia. “Life changes and so should homes.”

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