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Tahn’s career in interior decorating stemmed from quite a unique beginning — radio. She was hosting a small ABC show and regularly interviewed the editor of Queensland Homes for her weekly interiors segment.

Tahn eventually left radio to start writing for the magazine and from there flourished a livelihood in writing and styling. She began taking on clients as a sideline to her work at the magazine and it became just as much a part of her life as her media profession. Spread across so many sectors of the industry — media, design and writing — Tahn successfully immersed herself in all aspects of her passion. “I really do love making spaces look pretty. I’m redecorating all the time, even if it’s only in my head. I might be sitting in a doctor’s incredibly dreadful waiting room and in my mind I’m completely re-vamping it,” Tahn reflects.

She is also author of the fabulous book, New Vintage (New Holland). “The purpose of the book was to make decorating accessible to everyone. I’ve written it as if I’m speaking to a client, taking them through the process,” she says. New Vintage is a brilliant tell-all guide to the art of interior decorating. “The idea was to combine photos of inspirational interiors with insider secrets and how-to projects,” Tahn adds. She teamed with talented interiors photographer, Anastasia Kariofyllidis, to create the stunning images for the book — and then locked herself in her room with her cat for a couple of weeks and produced the masterpiece text to accompany the images. She is an extremely modest and talented interior artist, with a strong grasp on the industry and a lot of perspective. “Dare to be yourself. Don’t worry too much about what others say is in or out, it’s all arbitrary anyway,” Tahn says.

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