Quality and Individuality

Quality and Individuality
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If you are looking for a bathroom that is out of the ordinary, you need to see Schots.


One of the main determining factors in planning a new bathroom or renovating an existing one is how much available space you have. For a large family, a fitted bathroom featuring plenty of storage solutions is the most practical option. It can cater for all the towels, toiletries and personal care appliances as well as things like medicines and cosmetics.

At Schots, the qualified craftspeople can create a look that will make bathing a pleasurable and relaxing pastime. A visit to the Schots showroom is sure to inspire you. Call in and see the vast array of in-house displays and chat with the friendly team of experts. There may be a waiting list for the gorgeous Schots cabinetry but this is only because the company puts time and care into making each individual piece.

Also available are ranges of mirrors, taps, sanitaryware, vanities and baths that have been made with the same dedication to quality. “Our aim is to offer you a unique and somewhat unusual bathing experience. In this age of volume mass production, we strive to avoid the commonplace,” says Neville Schot. The experts at Schots believe today’s bathroom is more about relaxation than just keeping clean.

Schots Restoration Emporium
400 Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill, Vic 3068
Phone: (03) 9482 6400.

“A visit to the Schots showroom is sure to inspire you.”

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