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Part of our daily rituals, a shower can be the perfect way to wake up in the morning or wind down before bed. 

For something completely different, try the Kohler WaterTile, a panel of four perforated tiles. Each features 54 water nozzles that can be programmed to offer everything from a rejuvenating all-over body massage thanks to a wide, strong spray to gentle hydrotherapy. This is a two-star-rated showerhead that uses just 12 litres a minute.

The Acquatonica Shower Panel by Fantini is now fully WELS approved. It’s a fully integrated shower system and is easily installed as one complete unit within the wall cavity. It is multifunctional, with a built-in shower bar with fixed showerhead, vertical massage spray, hand shower and double mixer. Available exclusively at Rogerseller.

Hansa has created the ultimate showerhead complete with a light fitting. Available in Australia through Starion, the Hansa Clear Lux Shower offers a delightful play between light and water.

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