Showing too much flesh


If you’ve ever felt guilty because you spent a sedentary evening eating or watching TV, then this isn’t the chair to do it in. Designer Nanna Kiil from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has created this “Flesh Chair” modelled on an obese body. “The shape is inspired by overweight humans” Kiil writes of the project, “and the intention is to explore the balance between the repulsive and the accommodating through voluminous curves.”

Kiil used memory foam covered in a light pink textile to create the flabby appearance of the armchair. A wrinkled breed of dog was also taken as a reference when forming the folds and creases. “I was really inspired by the shar pei dog, where the fat is something I find really attractive,” said Kiil.

The foam was scrunched and wrinkled around a metal frame then sewn together along the edges. Wooden appendages are attached to the end of the frame and poke from the lumpy material to imitate hands and feet.

While some people may find the chair unattractive, negative and a little creepy, it looks supremely comfortable to me and definitely reminds me of a hug from my grandmother.