Simple Yet Stylish

Simple Yet Stylish
Simple Yet Stylish
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From the initial discovery meeting to the final handover, understanding a client’s needs, lifestyle, budget and tastes is the key to the project flowing smoothly.

The design of this penthouse allows the view of the beautiful Sunshine Coast to take centre stage. Sleek, minimal lines and long expanses of glass give the architecture a light touch, and Fi Smart Homes has maintained this design philosophy in its selection and installation of audio-visual equipment.The client requested the Clipsal C-Bus Energy Management and Control System, for which Fi Smart Homes has qualified and experienced C-Bus accredited installers. Having professional, qualified members on its team means Fi Smart Homes doesn’t have to outsource any work. 

This is crucial to any size project to manage the different stages of the contract so the client doesn’t have to contact three different companies to organise their project. Fi Smart Homes’ 310m² concept showroom in Noosa allows clients such as architects, developers, interior designers and builders to see the equipment in a working environment before they commit to any equipment for their projects. Design, supply, installation and service are all provided from the one team. 

The client here wanted integrated automation of the lighting, audio-visual system and the blinds to be on one control. Keeping with the design brief, eliminating the look of wall clutter, the Clipsal® C-Bus Colour Touchscreen was installed as the user interface to control these devices. Mood lighting scenes were important to the client for entertaining in such a large penthouse and these scenes are achieved by one button push on the touchscreen.

Multiple control pages can be designed for any touchscreen with any graphical background of your choice. This client’s love for motorbikes allowed Fi Smart Homes to insert the family’s favourite models. bvEnergy management was achieved through Fi’s team programming the system for features such as blind control to aid airconditioning and switching off lights on time-clocked events. Finding wall switches in the dark is easy, with each switch having a nightlight on the buttons. Each button can be programmed with on, off, toggle, dimmer, timer, scene control and custom functions.

To prevent multiple wall switches throughout the home, the Clipsal® DLT (Dynamic Labelling Technology™) Saturn rectangular series wall switches were used to control the lights. These stylish wall switches are easy to operate, having an LCD screen to label the selected button. The Saturn series features impact-resistant glass fascia in your choice of white, black, cream or mid-brown. Incorporating eight buttons over two pages of the LCD screen allows enough control for most areas of any home.From the touchscreen, the user also has control of the Bose audio-visual system. The Bose Lifestyle System in the living room allows surround sound for watching movies; it also stores up to 340 hours of music and allows room-to-room expansion for enjoying music throughout the home.

The other music zones have their own wireless remote control which operates through walls to control the main Bose head unit. Feedback information of the stored music with artist, genre, track and playlists is viewed on the remote-control LCD screen. Radio station presets and other inputs to the Bose Lifestyle System are available upon selection on the remote control.

As always, the team at Fi has incorporated everything technical the client could want without compromising the aesthetics of the home.

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