The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Auction Day

The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Auction Day
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What a crazy, crazy night of television! A result that no one expected but which everyone was blown away by – Chantelle and Steve, the underdogs of the season have been crowned winners!

A tumultuous 10 weeks saw the struggles of reno rookies Chantelle and Steve escalate from their tradie skills to their relationship. Only last night we saw a short video of the couple confessing the uncertainty of their relationship, however tonight all that was on their minds was the $736,000 that has just hit their bank account. Selling for a whopping $2,470,000, the barn house meets industrial loft apartment was virtually no one’s bid to win. But every true-blue Aussie loves a good underdog story, and this is one’s a fairytale to remember.

Beginning the nerve-racking night of nights, a James Bond-style mini-movie of Prosegur security guards delivering the reserves to Dux House (a waste of 10 minutes airing time that has reality television producer’s names written all over it), sent a member of each team into the common area pool to collect a piece of paper that would potentially determine the winners. With reserves all in the high one millions (a reasonable result, I thought), Kyal and Kara drew the largest reserve at $1,900,00, followed by Chantelle and Steve at $1,850,000, Brad and Dale at $1,830,000 and Alisa and Lysandra at $1,775,000.

For the first time EVER in The Block’s history, the order of auction was decided amongst themselves, with the boys choosing to go first, the Super K’s second, the twins third and Chantelle and Steve in “lucky” last. From the first auction, the bidding began at almost $200,000 above reserve, skyrocketing to $500,000 plus within minutes.

Being such a unique property on the outskirts of Melbourne CBD, and in the leafy suburb of Albert Park, these three-storey apartments were bound to be sold but no one could have predicted what happened tonight.

A few lessons that we can all learn from this season:


I hope you all enjoyed this season and my commentary; I look forward to chatting again when The Block heads to Prahran!

Until then, adios fellow Blockheads!


P.s In case you missed it, the apartment selling prices were as follows:


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