The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves – Last day on The Block


As this season of The Block wraps up, tensions come to an all time high and emotions overflow but as Scotty whistles for the last time, everything is forgotten and the moment is enjoyed and cherished by all.

In the last seven days, the contestants have undertaken their final challenge in teams of four – House 1 by Alisa and Lysandra, Chantelle and Steve and House 2 by Kyal and Kara, Brad and Dale. Each team transformed an entire home (seven rooms) in seven days for The Block super-fans, Fiona and Steve and their neighbours, Dawn and John. Completely overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity, Fiona and Steve described it as “Out of this World”, while John and Dawn described their new dream home as “Utter perfection”. But deciding on who received the $10,000 off their reserves was up to “sultans of style” (aka the judges), Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker, with help from real estate guru, John McGrath.

Walking into both homes, the judges instantly saw the incredibly change that has happened in both these houses, and the passion and effort that both teams put in to this challenge. However, there were definite signs of a team that worked together to create a “cohesive” interior and exterior (House 2), over one that obviously had problems with communication (House 1). The finishes in House 1 were an awkward mix between the twins and Chantelle’s style and as it was so hard to get everyone to agree on one decision, bad choices were made, including the bathroom tiling and use of space.

As the twins continued to complain about being unfairly judged, Alisa made a comment about Steve’s capabilities and supposed “laziness” saying that “we witnessed it first hand”. Interestingly enough, the one area that Steve was solely in charge of, the backyard managed to score their team the most points – go figure! Leaving Alisa to back peddle and say that Steve “finally” did a good job.

When it came to House 2, all that was heard from the judges was praise. From the extensive structural work that was completed, to the “cohesive” classical and timeless styling and “liveable” environment that was created by the Super K’s and Brad and Dale, the only negative comments were that the rug in the living room and the dining table in the backyard could have been bigger. But if that’s all the judges could come up with, surely House 2 has this challenge in the bag!

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I look forward to hearing from you Blockheads, and make sure you tune in with us live on Wednesday night for auction day!