Image courtesy of Reece
Image courtesy of Reece

The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Room Reveal #2


After a dramatic week of ups and downs, it was expected that the judges’ comments would be about the same. From “the smallest shower in history” to “sensational”, the judges offered up a serving of disapproval and delight to the blockheads bathroom/laundry and terrace spaces this week, starting with Kyal and Kara’s fall from grace.

The Super K’s were not so super this week and were punished (that’s an understatement) by the judges. The bathroom and laundry was described as “not finished to the best standard” by Shaynna, with Neale commenting, “it looks like two people have worked on opposite sides of this space”. As harsh as they were, I have to agree with the judges comments but those hexagon tiles in their bathroom are certainly worth a mention. Their shape gave the bathroom the pizzazz it needed, and with a little extra work when it comes to ‘make-over week’, I trust Kyal and Kara can work their Super K magic.

After an average response to what were nicely designed and decorated bathroom/laundry and terraces that were presented by Chantelle and Steve, and Alisa and Lysandra, I don’t think the judges held much hope for the boys. But as hilarious as they are, Brad and Dale proved they do have a serious side when it comes to style, including supplying post poo drops for their guests. The first words that eventually escaped the judges’ surprised faces were “sensational” – Neale, “this is mind blowing” – Darren, and “this is luxury” – Shaynna. It was the full bathroom design, minimal grey colour palette, choice of pendant lights and option of indoor and outdoor shower that wowed the judges. However, what other contestants got punished for – mainly lack of storage – seemed to get overlooked when it came to the boys, whose bathroom had virtually no vanity drawers and their European-style laundry was what looked like half the size of the others.

With the twins picked to win tonight by fans watching the show live, I just wonder, did the judges get it wrong this week?

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Tip of the week comes from Mr Darren Palmer – 5 essentials that create a successful design:
1. Planning
2. Layout
3. Materials
4. Styling
5. Execution