Outdoor project: stunning glass bridge


We love this stunning glass bridge, which will uplift any backyard or outdoor space

Luxury might seem like something inessential, only conducive to pleasure and comfort, but the geometry of great design can uplift the spirit just like art does. A glass bridge like this one built by Dimension One Glass enables your pool to be built anywhere. We can build a stunning and unique glass walkway over your swimming pool and uplift your house & backyard.

The owners wanted to make use of the rear of their property. We were called in to see if we could help with the challenge. Prior to this we have installed glass floors into pools and pool windows but we have never installed a glass bridge. For this exciting new project we used hot dipped galvanized steel channel that was constructed over the concrete shell (all prior to the tiling). We then had to measure the glass and install 38mm lamination glass with sandblasted non slip lines in the glass for the walkways. The owner painted the surrounding walls with a mural to soften the retaining walls.

If you have an interesting project please contact Dimension One to help you.

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