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The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: When in doubt use Blackbutt


Described by the contestants as the “most hectic” week on The Block, each apartment saw their entire first floor complete and revealed to the judges, and to us, tonight. From quirky and sophisticated to uptight and disconnect, once again, the judges didn’t hold back on their opinion of each living/dining design.

The somewhat unsuspecting and pleasant moment of tonight’s episode was Chantelle and Steve’s victory, one point ahead of the twins (due to the bonus point they won in Scotty’s Wheel of Misfortune earlier in the week). Continuing their eccentric vintage style into living and dining area, the judges believed they finally got to see the young couples string of unique rooms become one ‘whole’ apartment. Unsure last week of how Chantelle and Steve would fit their living/dining space around the oversized island bench, the judges loved their interpretation of a modern open plan space. “It’s not perfect,” said Neale Whitaker “… but somehow it all works.”

A key element of everyone’s living/dining areas this week was the repeated use of timber – the bench seat and dining for Chantelle and Steve; the feature wall around the TV unit for Brad and Dale; the twins’ dining table, and almost the entire ground floor of Kyal and Kara’s apartment. Mostly used due to its natural beauty and inherent strength and durability, Brad made a comment during the show that Kyal’s new motto is “if in doubt use Blackbutt”. This week, all the contestants seemed to catch on to the judges’ love of Kyal’s Blackbutt addiction, and potentially this was the reason behind such a high scoring sheet tonight (everyone awarded a 7.5 or above). Don’t get me wrong, I love timber but there’s got to be a stage when enough is enough, right?

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Chantelle and Steve
Chantelle and Steve’s dining space and entryway

Kyal and Kara
Kyal’s handmade media unit

Brad and Dale
Brad and Dale’s stunning timber feature in their living room with built-in flat screen TV, sound system and storage for wooden planks that will feed the Oblica freestanding fireplace

Alisa and Lysandra
Alisa and Lysandra’s living room. TIP OF THE WEEK: A much larger rug would have added to the grandeur and luxuriousness of this space