The Clever Appliance Guide - November 2006 (Dishwashers)

The Clever Appliance Guide – November 2006 (Dishwashers)



Dishwashers have long had a reputation as the most water- and energy-efficient appliance in the kitchen. But modern technology, coupled with more environmentally aware design, has seen a huge leap in how dishwashers operate.

 All dishwashers sold in Australia are subject to compliance with the Australian Standards that monitor energy consumption, and now the new WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling System) must also be taken into consideration. The Standard ensures every dishwasher is labelled with the appropriate Energy label and Water Efficiency label to reflect the results of rigorous testing that measures both energy efficiency and water efficiency in washing, drying, water consumption and water pressure.

Dishwashers are available as underbench or free-standing models and come in a range of finishes, including black, white, stainless-steel, integrated as well as a new selection of bright colours. Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer dishwasher is currently the only model in the market to separate into two sections that can be operated entirely independently and is available as single units.

The new WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling System) was introduced nationally on 1st July, 2006. The labelling system will affect all dishwashers sold in Australia as of that date. Dishwashers must comply with the regulations and will now sport a label showing a number of stars to indicate water
and energy efficiency. Consumers will be able to use the star rating in a similar manner to the Energy Efficiency label that has been seen on other kitchen appliances for many years.

Further information on the WELS scheme can be found by visiting The website includes a search facility that displays the WELS rating for individual makes and models of a range of appliances, including dishwashers.

The Waterrating website states that the new WELS ratings
could reduce dishwasher water consumption by approximately 6.5 per cent in dishwashers sold between 2003 and 2016.
This equates to nearly 1200 megalitres per annum or enough water to fill 600 Olympic swimming pools.

Editor’s Choice — Dishwashers

Teka dishwasher
Commanding attention, Teka appliances are stylish and eye-catching, while delivering superior performance. When elevated, dishwashers become easier and more practical to use. The Teka built-in concept allows a designer to fit out any kitchen with appliances that are styled to seamlessly integrate with customised cabinetry.
For more information phone 1300 739 550 or visit

Haier HDW300SS dishwasher
With a capacity for up to 12 place settings, this stunning stainless-steel dishwasher also features a height-adjustable upper basket and twin sliding cutlery baskets with a cover for easier stacking. With a half-load option for smaller loads, this clever appliance will help reduce water and energy consumption in the home. The bottom rack folds to allow better stacking of pots, pans, bowls and long glasses while an electronic delay timer allows you to set and forget.
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LG Premium integrated dishwasher
Sleek and stylish, this unit incorporates innovative and intuitive technologies to deliver user-friendly functionality and a high level of cleaning performance. LG’s premium integrated dishwasher is a simple, hygienic and efficient way of cleaning dishes and utensils. The Water Saving Flow Meter function accurately measures optimal water usage for each load to ensure minimal water and energy consumption. For more information visit

Kleenmaid dishwasher
Kleenmaid’s new dishwasher range features a newly designed “creative space” upper basket that is so innovative it’s been patented. It provides a fresh approach to stacking the dishwasher with a “grandstand”-style stacking area at the perimeter and fold-down racks for extra stacking options. The “Autoclean” function even means this dishwasher can clean and sterilise itself. A small, moveable cutlery basket has been added so your teaspoons will never be lost again. Plus, the new “Power Jet” program sends water through a jet nozzle to deliver 80 per cent stronger water pressure to take care of any baked-on residue.
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Nover Platinum dishwasher
With a 12-place capacity and seven wash programs, including strong, standard, soft, rinse, soak and rapid wash, the Nover Platinum dishwasher is at home in a range of kitchen designs. In keeping with today’s water-conscious consumer, the Nover Platinum range has a half-load function and an economy wash option. Available in white or stainless-steel finishes, this unit also has a fully stainless-steel interior and a two-year warranty.
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