The living line

The living line
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The Living Line by Vivendi, aptly named as the expression “Ars Vivendi”, means the art of living life to the full. The Vivendi range is focused on beauty and elegance, established through the use of exquisite fabrics from standard black and white neutral tones, as well as bright, contrasting hues in the Valentio range and floaty florals in the Indiva range.

Pictured you can see the beautiful sheer colours of the Coco range in elegant black (also available in mauve and natural stone colour hues); the material has a chic burn-out lace-inspired border design. The product is very versatile and can be used for curtains, room dividers or wall mounts, bringing charm to any interior. The Valentino cushions feature throughout. The style has a bold contrasting colour palette in a striking honeycomb pattern.

The delightful combination of the rough texture over elegant and shining soft velour makes Valentino a most striking and unusual upholstery fabric. The earthy colour palette is supplemented by a trendy bright orange and green. Weightless, beautiful fabrics are used throughout the Vivendi range, with a florally essence added to its Indiva range. Weightless, joyful colours intertwined on a two-layer weave shifts imperceptibly to create another dimension. The beautifully textured romantic Violetta fabric is a result of a special print technique where underlying cotton is printed with special paint which subsequently shrinks. This ancient technique is currently experiencing a revival. Yves is a fine silk which shimmers in metal hues and earthy shades. This material assumes the look of a costly indoor sculpture as it picks up the light (and shade).

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