Water Win

Water Win


renovation ideasArchitect Amanda Walsh reinvents this waterfront home to capture the spectacular views

Although this 1960s solid brick home had good-sized internal spaces, they were dark and disconnected from the exterior and surrounding Pittwater views.

Architect Amanda Walsh was briefed by her clients, a family of five, to modernise and improve the house as efficiently and painlessly as possible and introduce a dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces.
Structurally, the connection of and relationship between internal spaces has been improved by removing sections of walls, particularly in the lobby and living areas. The master bedroom was replanned to take in the view; completely new bathrooms, four in total, have been created; and a new kitchen has been installed to capture the view and accommodate the large family.

Excavation under the house has created a child-friendly rumpus room connected to the backyard and new pool, with a small home office incorporated into this area, as well as the addition of separate guest quarters, complete with kitchen and ensuite, opening onto the garden.

The finishes and fittings throughout have been upgraded and improved. The exterior of the house was rendered, with new timber doors and windows throughout, and the small deck removed and replaced with a large sweeping deck that allows the family to enjoy the fantastic views over the Pittwater.

Walsh’s design is one of understated elegance and casual sophistication, which celebrates the home’s location and embraces the surrounding environment.

“My main focus was to connect the house to the garden and view,” she says. “There was originally very little connection: small windows, little to no outdoor living spaces, and difficult access to garden.

“My inspiration was drawn from the openness and sweeping lines of Pittwater. The lines of the deck mimic the bays and soften the heaviness of the house. The internal spaces were kept oversized and open, with a seamless flow between them. Extra natural light was drawn into the house using skylights and larger window openings.”

The renovation of the home is striking. The entry has been transformed from a small, ill-considered, dark, caged-in area of the house into a welcoming, open and light space that acts as a transition into the main area of the house. The living spaces, which were dark and ill-functioning, are now large, light-filled spaces which perfectly suit a modern young family.

Adding character to Walsh’s graceful design, the owners have introduced their own interesting pieces of furniture and accessories into the home, which work perfectly and enhance the warmth of the spaces. These personal touches are what make this stunning house a home and bring the personality of its occupants to the fore.

With spectacular views and an open-plan, free-flowing floorplan that connects indoors and out seamlessly, this modern waterfront home represents the new wave of Australian architecture, where form and function are given equal consideration and every design decision is weighed against the needs and wants of the homeowners.

The project was designed by Amanda Walsh of Amanda Walsh Design, PO Box 2029, Dee Why, 2099
Ph: 02 99714966; email mail@amandawalshdesign.com or go to www.amandawalshdesign.com

Kitchen: original flooring, sanded & polished
Dining: original flooring, sanded & polished
Living: original flooring, sanded & polished
Bedroom: carpet Godfrey Hirst
Stair: carpet Godfrey Hirst

Interior: Dulux Fair Bianca
Exterior: Dulux Self Destruct

Benchtop: Granite, Pietra Vermo
Cabinetry: Tasmanian oak

Western red cedar

‘Walsh’s design is one of understated elegance and casual sophistication which celebrates the home’s location and embraces the surrounding environment’.