We love... the energy efficient Adora by VZUG

We love... the energy efficient Adora by VZUG
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The Adora SLQ WP by VZUG has set a new record in energy saving.

energy saving washing machine technology

This is the first time a manufacturer has succeeded in incorporating the innovative and proven heat pump technology in a washing machine.

Power consumption is much lower than with conventional washing machines, beating the best energy efficiency class (A+++) by a further 40 per cent. This means the Adora SLQ WP is both efficient and gentle on the environment.

The world exclusive Steam anti-crease function uses steam to smooth out creases in the washing so well that ironing is no longer necessary in most cases.

The Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) makes the washing machine unbelievably quiet, while the anti-mite program removes every trace of mites and their allergens, giving allergy sufferers a much greater quality of life.





Website vzug.com/au/en


Originally from Grand Designs Australia magazine, Volume 3.2

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