A Challenging Project With A Completely Different Look And Feel


Distinctly different front and rear garden and pool areas set this Melbourne bungalow renovation project apart from the rest

KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions loves working with designers and clients who challenge themselves to bring out the best in their homes. Case in point: this major renovation to a 1930s Malvern bungalow, which presented myriad interesting challenges, including a rear garden and pool area that required a completely different look and feel to the front garden.

In addition, a multi-car garage was to be housed under a concrete slab beneath the front garden. The client also insisted Australian bluestone pavers be installed over a waterproof membrane. Finally, a car lift platform required a low-profile tile with enough strength to handle vehicular traffic.

a completely different look and feel to the garden area

For the front garden, 40mm-thick Australian bluestone in an ashlar pattern was laid on paver supports to ensure the membrane was protected. This allows the tiles to be removed easily and the membrane inspected or repaired if necessary.

The car lift platform required thinner tiles, so 100mm x 100mm x 20mm granite cobbles were installed. The grey-coloured cobbles complement the bluestone and are glued directly to the car platform steel sub-base. An exfoliated finish ensures high slip resistance.

The rear of the property required a completely different look and feel. The client chose silver travertine tiles and pool coping boasting beautiful colour tones that complement the pool tile colour and outdoor furniture.

A completely different look and feel to the pool area

The garden design, by Jane Jones Landscapes, showcases the house beautifully. Jane used advanced plant stock to give the project an instant established feel and connects the garden to the heritage tree-lined streetscape.



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