Concrete Basins: How To Find Your Perfect Match


Basins are a practical necessity in the bathroom, but this doesn’t mean they can’t also be a feature piece.

When it comes to choosing a basin there are a number of decisions to make, including style and colour. Choosing between an integrated, surface-mounted or freestanding basin can be a tough choice. How do you decide which design will work best in your bathroom? What should you consider when choosing a design?

This blog will help you understand the important factors to consider when choosing a basin. Answering a few simple questions and understanding your own basin needs will put you one step closer to choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom. Read on for more information.

Bathroom basins play an important role in any bathroom design. Not only does it have to be functional to accommodate daily use, but it also must be aesthetically pleasing in order to fit the overall style of the space.

Questions to help you choose your concrete basin design

Choosing the right design, colour and size can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to take into consideration your space and desired functionality. Here are four simple questions to help you.

1. Which room are you choosing the basin for? Master ensuite, family bathroom or powder room?

Clearly identifying the purpose of the bathroom where a basin will be placed can help to narrow down functional requirements. A master ensuite, family bathroom or powder room all serve different purposes and therefore will vary in users and the frequency in which the space is used. For example, a shared family bathroom will be used frequently whereas a guest bathroom will be used far less.

The needs of the people who are using the bathroom should also be taken into consideration. For example, the basin or sink may need to be at a height that is accessible to children.

2. What is the existing style of the bathroom?

Traditional, contemporary or modern styles inform the overall atmosphere, colour decisions and material use. Choosing the right basin, one that is coherent with your stylistic decisions, is important to the overall look and feel of the room.

3. How much space would you like the basin to occupy?

What is the size of your bathroom, and how much of that space do you want to allocate for the basin?

Physical Space

Bathrooms tend to be amongst the smallest rooms in the house. However, they are packed with functionality including fixtures such as showers, bathtubs and toilets. Your choice in basin design and size can be informed by how you want to move about and use the space.

The dimensions of your vanity top may dictate the size of your basin. A smaller vanity space may require a smaller basin.

Visual Space

How much visual space do you want the basin to occupy is another important consideration. Would you like the basin to be a design feature, or one that seamlessly integrates within the room?

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design.
Image credit: Blend Concrete Design.

4. What fixtures will you use in combination with the basin?

The material and colour choice of the the bathroom fixtures should complement the basin. The height, design and position of the basin in relation to the fixtures is important for comfort of use and reducing water splash-back.

Aesthetically, bathroom fixtures are small yet crucial details which can play an important role in the overall design cohesiveness and room aesthetic.

Next, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of integrated, surface-mounted and freestanding basins to help you understand your options.

Concrete Integrated Sink

A concrete integrated sink, as seen in the image above, is a seamless addition to a vanity top. This style of sink is visually cohesive and perfect for a chic and contemporary bathroom design.


The sealer used on concrete sinks ensures durability.

The key functional characteristics of a concrete vanity with an integrated sink include:
• The in-built sink reduces the height of the whole vanity, aiding accessibility for children.
• Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Countertops can be easily wiped down directly into the basin.

Size Variation

An integrated sink avoids an increase in the height of the vanity and fixtures.

An integrated sink design allows you to experiment with various options:
• sink length and width
• vanity length and width
This customisation allows you to explore the option that’s perfect for you.

Colour Variation

One of the many advantages of a vanity with an integrated sink is that the colour of the concrete is consistent throughout the entirety of the concrete unit.

With endless colour options available, you will be able to create a stylish, clean and minimal look.

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design.

Concrete Surface-mounted Basins

Surface-mounted basins, also referred to as top-mount basins or above-the-counter basins, are basins which have been mounted on a vanity top. Mounting the basin on a vanity top allows you to fully display the basin design.

Size and Shape Variation

The design choice of your basin should be informed by the height, width, and length of the vanity top.

Blend Concrete Design offers four surface-mounted basin designs:
• Horizon (rectangular)
• Crescent (d-shaped)
• Comet (circular); or
• Eclipse (oval)

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design

A rectangular-shaped basin, as seen in the image above, is a great addition to a modern bathroom design. The clean, straight lines will give any bathroom a touch of modern flair.

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design
Image credit: Blend Concrete Design

The unique shape of the Crescent Basin combines both straight lines and soft curves. This design is the perfect chic bathroom feature that allows you to maximise counter space.

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design
Image credit: Blend Concrete Design

Round and pill-shaped concrete basins are a popular choice. The rounded edges create a softer, elegant look, complementing both modern and traditional styles.

Colour Variation

Your colour choice will be influenced by the colour palette of your bathroom.

Image credit: Blend Concrete Design.

Concrete Free Standing Basin

Free standing concrete basins are a perfect solution for bathrooms with limited space. The bold, tall pillars do not need a vanity top. This simple and clean basin design is perfect for those looking to add a trendy feature to their bathroom.


This concrete pillar design conceals all plumbing and ensures a safe and aesthetically pleasing final product. As it does not require a vanity top, there is no need for cabinetry and storage. This makes it ideal for bathrooms with limited space, powder rooms or commercial bathroom facilities.

Colour Variation

A coloured concrete free standing basin is perfect for making a statement.

Whether you end-up choosing a concrete integrated, surface-mounted or freestanding basin, Blend Concrete Design can make your vision a design reality. If you need more information or would like to see colour samples, get in touch with the Blend Concrete Design team. We are more than happy to provide you with the assistance you need for your next renovation or new build.

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