Above and Beyond: bathroom accessory ranges


Avenir recently launched two exclusive new accessory ranges: Above and Beyond

Each accessory features DirectConnect, an innovative installation system that allows accessories to be directly connected to the wall without the need for a wall-mounting component and without any grub screws. The engineers at Avenir recognised there are common problems when it comes to bathroom accessories, and often this involves the accessory working loose over time.

Traditionally, the cause of this is the grub screw that holds the accessory onto the wall mounting working loose. The solution was to completely do away with the wall-mounting component and engineer a specially designed fastener and mating installation tool. The result is a fixing system that won’t come loose and is still completely hidden from view. The DirectConnect fixing system comes standard with both the Above and Beyond ranges, which are made in Australia and carry a 10-year warranty. Both ranges are available at selected stores from July 2014.



Website avenir.com.au

Phone 02 9476 6917

Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly Volume 21 Issue 2


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