Choosing the best pool style to suit your home

We present some of our favourite pool designs and offer a guide to choosing the right style

Infinity pools

Negative edge, zero edge; infinity edge pools are known by many different names and there are just as many different designs available. There’s a reason these infinity pools are so common at luxury resorts and top class hotels — the appearance of water with no boundary is one of the most visually stunning and impressive effects available.

Lap pools

If your main purpose in building a pool is exercise then a lap pool is perfect for you. They fit well in narrow blocks, with dimensions starting at 10m in length and 2m in width.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are the ideal solution for homes with limited space. Their economical size also makes them more efficient to heat.

Geometric pools

These in-ground pools are characterised by contemporary, clean lines for a traditional (or non-traditional) look.

Freeform Pools

With no defined edges freeform pools are designed to blend in with the natural settings,

Pool/spa combinations

A spa combined with your pool is a great way not just because of the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits but to season-proof your pool for year-round enjoyment.

Favourite pool designs

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite pool designs from Infinity Pools:

Hunters Hill in-Ground pool

InfinityPools_EDITED5 InfinityPools_EDITED11

Greenwich in-Ground pool

InfinityPools_EDITED6 InfinityPools_EDITED7

Newport wet edge infinity pool

InfinityPools_EDITED2 InfinityPools_EDITED3

Willoughby lap pool

InfinityPools_EDITED8 InfinityPools_EDITED9

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