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The furniture in your home plays an integral role in creating a stylish and functional atmosphere.

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While many homeowners opt for cheap, ready-made furniture, there’s no denying that it is not always the best quality nor the best choice. At Buywood Furniture, our experience lies in handcrafting quality timber furniture for Australian homes that will last a lifetime. We truly understand the craftsmanship that goes behind creating a great piece, so here is a quick guide to help you choose quality timber furniture for your home.

Construction of the Furniture

When it comes to the construction of your furniture, joinery and stability can reveal a lot about the quality. Mortise and Tenon and Dovetail are regarded as the most effective methods of joint construction and ensure longevity and durability. At Buywood, our quality timber furniture pieces, like the Zen Chest of Drawers, are made using the traditional joinery technique, dovetail. It is important to test the stability of your furniture by making sure it is level with the floor. Good quality timber furniture should never wriggle or move when used.

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Quality of the Timber

The wood used to construct furniture is a great way to determine its quality and longevity. Timber furniture is made of woods classified as either hardwood or softwood. When looking for quality timber furniture, you will find that it is generally produced from hardwood materials such as American Oak, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Black Walnut. At Buywood Furniture, we opt for high quality solid timber, as it offers greater durability, more strength and is typically easier to maintain.

The Finish of the Furniture

Good quality timber furniture should always have a smooth, satin finish. You should look for a piece of furniture that has undergone the appropriate steps of sanding and polishing. This will give you a clear indication of quality. When our Buywood furniture pieces are built, they undergo an intensive sanding and polishing process. First, we hand sand our pieces, and then we use a water-based 2 Pac Finish for the ultimate protection. It is best to avoid wooden furniture with a rough surface, visible scratches and dust specks.

Custom Made Quality Timber Furniture from Buywood

All our furniture at Buywood is custom made and handcrafted in our Brisbane showroom from the highest quality materials. Our custom made furniture process runs from initial consultation, to the confirmation of the design, to the construction and finally, to the installation. If you would like to know more about how we can create quality timber furniture for your home, get in touch.

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