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Storage solutions from Häfele don’t end in the kitchen. Wardrobes are another area where efficient storage solutions are much appreciated. From hanging spaces for dresses, shirts and blouses to pull-outs for shoes and pants, Häfele can help you building a functional wardrobe you will love!

First of all, you want to make sure you use the full height of the space. “Too high”, you might think. Not with the right solutions. Wardrobe lifts make it easy to access these high up spaces. Basically these are moveable wardrobe rails as they can easily been pulled down for you to access everything you hung up high. It really is that easy! You don’t need climbing ladders anymore when you are trying to reach up high. Another great product for overhead storage solutions is the iMove. It’s commonly used in kitchen overhead cabinets, but there is nothing to stop you from using that clever storage system in your wardrobe.

Moving on, you will need pull-out systems aside from drawers. Drawers come in handy and can be organised with special wardrobe drawer inserts for jewellery, belts and ties. Pull-out systems can help you storing your shoes and pants or you might even want to include pull-out laundry hampers in your wardrobe so you can separate your laundry directly in the wardrobe. This is especially common for walk-in-robes. In built-in wardrobes you usually have less space for an organised pull-out system, however we do recommend to choose at least two to three pull-out solutions as they will make it so much easier in keeping everything neat and tidy.

Another key product in your wardrobe is a mirror! Whether it’s a pull-out mirror to save storage, a wall mirror or stand-alone mirror, it’s your choice and personal preference. We love our pull-out mirror as it can easily be hidden away and saves space – it’s never in the way! If you want a mirror that really offers a packaged deal, you should definitely check out the LOOX Multidimensional mirror. Back and front lighting make sure you always look good in it and the built-in sound system that can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth is just another feature you will fall in love with. We certainly don’t want to miss it anymore.

Talking about the right lighting… Did you know that Häfele Home can even help you with that? From LED strip lights to LED downlights, our LOOX LED range offers great lighting options that will let your wardrobe shine in perfect light in no time!

To complete the wardrobe of your dreams, you need the right handles to match your style! Choose out of over 100 different models and find the perfect finish for your home.

Häfele Home really can help you to transform your wardrobe space into a functional yet luxurious space. Live a life inspired by choosing us as your trusted renovation partner!

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