This Kitchen Renovation Oozes Bold Creativity


Modern and dramatic, this kitchen renovation oozes bold creativity from every corner.

From the beautiful benchtop to the spacious open pantry, the stylish update by Premier Kitchens has given this once outdated space a new lease on life.

The homeowners were after a redesign that was unique and eye-catching, a departure from the classic all-white kitchen styles you’d normally see in Australian homes. They wanted something a little more edgy and Premier Kitchens has achieved this through close attention to detail and a contrasting colour palette.

Notice the gentle curves on the benchtop, giving the space a more graceful and elegant feel. A small detail like that is both beautiful and functional, reducing the possibility of injuries in the kitchen.

The team at Premier Kitchens opted for Super White Dolomite as the benchtop base. Less porous than marble, this material is not as prone to staining and water damage. But the best part? It’s heat-resistant and incredibly sturdy, making it less likely to chip, crack or scratch over time. For homeowners who love to cook up a storm and make a mess in the kitchen, an enduring material like this is certainly the perfect choice.

And let’s not forget the ample space underneath, which makes it easy to store stools and chairs, turning the kitchen into a place of entertainment and the occasional work-from-home desk, rather than just being a place to prepare food.

Along with the striking colour palette that enhances the bold feel of the space — namely the combination of natural wood hues, grey, black and white — the result is a modern kitchen full of intrigue and sophistication.

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