The perfect alfresco rangehood: your outdoor kitchen
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Alfresco areas are now becoming standard inclusions in both new builds and renovated homes, and it is important to understand some of the requirements when planning one, including potentially installing an alfresco rangehood

This is why Qasair now provides an advisory service to both homeowners and designers. Alfresco kitchens endure conditions that standard indoor kitchens do not, and need to be fitted with appliances and fixtures made specifically for outdoor areas. For example, the alfresco kitchen pictured is situated by the water’s edge where there is a breeze from the river most of the time, which could erode a rangehood installed in this kitchen.

As a result, an alfresco rangehood built specifically for outdoor areas was built into the ceiling, with inlets on the end to draw the smoke and odours back from the end enclosure.

The Condor range includes alfresco rangehood designs built for outdoor kitchen areas, with very high air movement to deal with outdoor barbecues. Made from stainless steel and including LED strip lighting as well, these rangehoods are a beautiful addition to every alfresco kitchen space.

Qasair takes pride in its rangehoods made specifically for outdoor kitchens; they are all manufactured here in Australia by Condari Pty Ltd.

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