Four ways to make your kitchen appear bigger
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Four ways to make your kitchen appear bigger


Make the most of a small space with these four tips that will open up your kitchen and create the illusion of a larger floor plan

With apartment living on the rise and compact houses becoming more common, it’s easy for a smaller kitchen to feel cramped and closed off. Thankfully, making a kitchen appear bigger and creating a more spacious feel is within easy reach with a few simple tricks.


Neutrals are a great way to create an airy feel in the kitchen as paler tones reflect light and make the walls appear to recede. Maintaining a similar colour scheme across the walls and cabinetry can reduce the impact of contrasting colours, which can crowd a room. Using simpler elements and clean lines also allows the eye to glide over a space.


Match a compact room with compact appliances. Most come in at least a few different sizes, giving you the option to choose a model that suits your lifestyle and floor plan. Certain types of ovens and fridges were designed with smaller spaces in mind and are narrower or shallower to accommodate this.

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Keeping your area light and bright is the easiest way to create a spacious feel. Mirrored splashbacks are perfect for this, bouncing light from all angles around the room. With the added benefit of being very stylish, a mirrored splashback can seriously elevate your kitchen to the next level. Other reflective surfaces like marble benchtops or stainless-steel accents can also create a brighter space.


If you don’t use it, throw it! Minimising non-essentials and keeping benchtops clear allow a room to breathe. Utilising appliance cabinets in the kitchen or in surrounding rooms is a great way to hide less commonly used appliances and keep the space free and functional.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 25 No. 4