How to choose your perfect home design

The experts at Clarendon Homes walk you through the ideal way to find your perfect home design, in this helpful how-to guide

How to choose your perfect home design

It’s easy to fall in love with more than one of our display homes, they’re all beautifully finished. But, when it comes to crunch time you need to choose just one; the perfect home that is best suited to your family, lifestyle and budget. So, where to start? Making the right decision for your home design requires time and dedication, so here’s a checklist of considerations and questions to ask yourself before you say ‘that one!’. Happy honing…

How to choose the right home design for you:

1) Decide on the size of your ideal home

Do you have children? Are you planning on starting a family? Do you like to invite guests over? Do you need your own workspace? Will you need a large kitchen? Answer these questions and write down all of your requirements, in order of importance to you. Then continue to refer back to it as you hone your options.

2) Assess your budget

Sit down with your own financial advisor, your spouse or one of Clarendon’s Financial Officers to work out the maximum budget you can afford. Financial Officers can help you with anything finance related, and guide you every step of the way. They’re also licensed mortgage brokers backed by Loan Market and have a long list of financial institution friends – meaning, they can find and manage your loan for you.

3) Narrow your preferences

You can then select the Clarendon home designs that meet your financial and personal criteria, in order of preference. Compare the designs and make a short list of your favourites. Do not forget to view the floor plans for each home design. It will help give you an idea of how you will be able to organise your space and family life.

4) Know your block size

Consider things like the shape of your block of land, if you want to add a pool, the restrictions and benefits certain designs will offer. We have a variety of designs that are created specifically to suit narrow allotments, for example.

5) Share your house design choices

Once you have found a few home designs you really like – or if you need more guidance in finding the right design for your needs – you can contact us to discuss your project or come visit us at one of our display home locations.

6) Choose your facade

This is the fun part! But, it still requires the same process… so head on back to number one and repeat with the facade designs.

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