This Bali-inspired pool built by Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction is the perfect place to unwind


This stunning bali-inspired pool with its vibrant blue tiles and riverside view lets you holiday in your own backyard

A relaxing retreat can take many forms. This Bali-inspired backyard connects with its surrounds, recreating tropical bliss. Taking advantage of the scenic riverside location, an acrylic viewing window invites in the water view. Above, the fire pit provides the ideal space for entertaining with a view.

Stone walls surround the pool holding feature plants; the lush plant profile softening the stone and wooden textures.

A Balinese tropical paradise would never be complete without a cabana and shimmering blue water. For these key elements, Beau Corp knew the perfect solution. A standout feature, the bespoke cabana with shingled roof offers an excellent place to unwind with a cocktail. The centrepiece of the backyard, the pool’s shimmering crystal mosaic tiles in aqua and emerald give the pool an eternal blue finish.

The creation of this luxury escape is testament to the high-quality workmanship of Beau Corp Aquatics. A builder of bespoke concrete pools with over fifty years experience, the team at Beau Corp have developed a reputation for excellence. They are passionate about constructing lifestyles and creating backyard memories.

Relax… Let Beau Corp make your dream pool a reality…

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