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Last year’s Eurocucina show in Milan saw an expanse of natural materials applied in the kitchen and interior environments. Greenery and stone finishes combined harmoniously, a beautiful combination that has fast been established in the interior design and surface trends

Talostone, one of Australia’s leading stone companies, has introduced a range of large-slab options that replicate the look and feel of natural stone – without the associated restrictions or price tag. Concrete Original and Venato Extra are two key finishes now available in a leather-honed finish for an added point of difference.

The new leather-honed Concrete Original finish is the perfect partner for natural wood or wood finishes and, when combined with a herb garden or other indoor greenery, creates a welcoming natural environment. Stainless steel finishes and the ever-popular matt surfaces are also on-trend and would complement this refined Concrete Original finish for a laid-back aesthetic.

All Talostone slabs feature the pattern applied to the depth of the slab so the edges will not appear significantly different to the surface when it is cut to size. The honing is only lightly applied so, a 20mm thick benchtop for example, you will see the same finish on the vertical as on the horizontal.

This new leather-honed finish is the ultimate in low-maintenance surfaces, being extremely smooth and pleasant to the touch as well as highly stain resistant and easy to clean. The lovely textural quality of the leather honing creates a lovely tactile sensation when engaging with the product, making it perfect for a range of kitchen, bathroom or interior surfaces.

Talostone slabs are the largest on the market which allows designers and builders to exercise greater flexibility in design and pricing. Talostone prides itself on its excellent customer service and, together with the 15-year limited warranty, makes it a stress-free and easy choice.

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