6 ways to boost your property's street appeal

6 ways to boost your property’s street appeal


Turning your property into an eye-catching sight from the streets need not be costly. In fact, there are several simple, but highly effective tricks you can employ to boost your property’s street appeal

By increasing the street appeal of your property, you add value to your home while generating interest from potential buyers at the same time. Here are some tips you can use, that when done right should make a significant difference to your property’s street appeal.

The Facade: Make it Striking

Create a positive first impression! Potential buyers get attracted by how your property looks on the outside. So start by thoroughly removing dirt, grease, and mould. And then give your facade a facelift by coating it with a contemporary paint colour. Don’t forget to do the same to your window frames, trims, and gutters.

The Driveway: Make it Welcoming

The entrance to your property matters. It has to arouse curiosity and lure prospective buyers to check your property all the way in. You can upgrade using concrete, recycled concrete, gravel, pavers, and more.

The Garden: Make it Inviting

If the facade represents the ‘face’ of your property, then the garden gives it it’s character. And no, you don’t need an elaborate garden. What you need is a neat and tidy garden that shows prospects that you have a well-kept property. Make your garden inviting by using a mix of plants, and by using pavings or rockery for additional effects.

The Landscape: Spruce it Up

Prospective buyers are more likely to fall in love with a well-kept lawn than one with unmowed grass and untrimmed bushes. So mowing the grass and trimming the shrubs are two of the simplest things you can do to spruce up your property’s landscape. If you’re unsure about your property’s landscaping appeal, consult a professional.

The Walkway: Clean it Up

The path that leads to your entrance should also be clean. And much like what you can do on the driveway, you can also pave the walkway with different materials – salvaged or new – to give prospective buyers a more pleasant experience as they make their way to your home’s interiors.

The Feature Elements: Make them Shine

Does your property have a house number? Does it have a letterbox? Does it have fountain? Prospective buyers may take notice of your property in its entirety. However, before that happens, their eyes will be caught by prominent features they see outside. So think about what possible feature you can add or improve within the vicinity of your property.

You know you’ve got a looker when people start pointing fingers at your property as a gesture of positive impression. You may also notice that cars drive a little slowly while they pass by your property. These are indicators of interest that may help convince a buyer to drop around and inspect your property. And both are only possible if you’ve taken steps to boost your property’s appeal on the outside.

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