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Weathertex is an Australian-owned company providing quality Australian-made timber cladding, weatherboards and architectural panels, and is proudly committed to improving the sustainability of construction products and practices.

The company uses only PEFC-certified state forest or privately sourced hardwoods. The logs are chipped, pulped and pressed with three per cent natural wax — creating a completely natural eco-friendly product with absolutely no chemical additives.

The preferred choice for builders, architects and designers, Weathertex’s “‘better than zero” carbon footprint means more carbon is stored in the timber than during its manufacture —meaning your own footprint is reduced.


Having recently undertaken a rigorous evaluation from Global GreenTag to determine the “green performance” of its products, Weathertex is proud to be the first global manufacturers’ product to receive a Green Tag Platinum certification with a GreenRate Level A for its natural-range products. The company also received Gold certification for its primed flat cladding (Classic/Selflok).

New to Weathertex are Selflok Ecogroove 75mm Natural & Smooth profiles, which complement the existing 150mm and 300mm profiles. With its unique contemporary design, Selflok flat panelled weatherboards offer a fresh alternative to traditional lapped planks, providing a stylish and practical solution for both residential and commercial projects.

Sustainable Products

Selfok’s versatility and flexibility with a radius curve minimum of 2500mm makes it superior to other cladding materials, allowing for endless curved designs without incurring hefty costs — whether for external cladding or internal lining applications.

A bonus for internal projects — Weathertex is low VOC and contains absolutely no silica, glues, resins or formaldehydes, improving the air quality of your indoor spaces.

Sustainable Building Products

Weathertex is available nationally from your local hardware store.

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