Fixed Price Home Building: Locking in your price so you can buy now and build later


Building the Australian dream in today’s market is incredibly exciting and daunting, as it’s one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in your lifetime

Getting the best value for your money is essential in realising your dream, even if that dream home is waiting for your land to register or planning the perfect knock down rebuild, there are things you can do early on that can save you thousands down the track.

As one of Australia’s leading builders, we chatted with the team from McDonald Jones to discover the benefits of their 20month Fixed Price in building a new home in today’s market.

Fixed Price Home Building: Locking in your price so you can buy now and build later

Strong Housing Market

The Australian property market has continued to surprise many forecasters over the past 12months, with house prices continuing to rise irrespective of global pandemic and the terrible impacts seen in markets around the world.

Factors that have driven this buoyancy include the significant population movement from cities to regional cities and towns as many organisations to allow workers to continue to work remotely. Another key factor is the continuation of record low-interest rates and the likelihood that will continue for another 12months at least.

So, if you’re not quite ready to build, you don’t need to fear the ongoing rises in the market, as the free 20-month Fixed Price locks in today’s prices meaning you can mitigate the continued buoyancy and not miss out on your dream home.

Are you waiting for your land to register?

Land approvals are one of the biggest factors which impacts time frames in the new home building process. If you are building a home in a new subdivision your chosen builder is unable to start construction until the land is registered, and the council has provided building approval for your lot.

Fixed Price Home Building: enjoy the certainty knowing your price is locked in for 20-months.

So don’t miss out on the incredible current promotions whilst you are waiting, ensure you speak with a Building and Design Consultant about a Fixed Price Building Contract so you lock in today’s prices and not be impacted by the increase in building costs in the 12-18months down the track when your lands finally registers.

Rising Building Costs

One of the challenges to housing affordability, other than the scarcity of land, is that building costs across Australia have increased in excess of $25,000 over the last 20 months^ and are likely to continue to rise as supply pressures continue due to production and importation rates continue to be experienced.

So even if you aren’t ready to start building you can have the peace of mind that you are securing today’s promotions and avoiding all the price increases that will happen in future.

Love Where You Live? Knockdown Rebuild

Do you need a new home but love where you live? There’s no need to move away from all you love to get the home you need, a Knock-Down Rebuild may be the ideal option for you.
Now with a 20-month Fixed Price Guarantee, you don’t have to rush, you can prepare and plan to knock down before you’ve got all your plans in place to make the new home journey an exciting and enjoyable one for you and your household.

Fixed Price Home Building: Locking in your price so you can buy now and build later

Lock In Current Promotions

It’s not just the cost of the home design you’ve chosen that is locked in for 20 months with the 20-month Fixed Price, it also includes locking in the current promotions, special upgrade offers and inclusions that you select within your tender.

This means all the choices you’ve picked for your home are locked in giving you the confidence of knowing that there won’t be any nasty surprises ahead when you are ready to start building.

Fixed Price Home Building: Locking in your price so you can buy now and build later

McDonald Jones has over 24 display centres to explore, so chat with their experienced team about getting your free site inspection and Fixed Price Quote so you can take advantage of today’s prices and promotions until February 2023 and start planning your dream home today.

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^Approximate average price difference from 9/2/19 to 23/9/20

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