Heritage-style kit homes

Heritage-style kit homes


With an amazing replication of a heritage home, Valley Kit Homes has people doing a double take

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This new Valley Kit Homes residence is set in the inner-city Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes. It’s a simple fact that at first may appear unremarkable, but further examination reveals it to be quite a feat. The area’s local council and population are extremely fond of the pre-war-construction character homes that line the quiet streets of the town and Brisbane City Council goes to great lengths to uphold its identity as a heritage hub. Demolition and renovation of original dwellings are highly regulated and any new residences built must reflect the suburb’s penchant for traditional architecture and preserve and enhance the spirit of the streetscape. In this light, a new home in Greenslopes is a truly remarkable achievement.

The long list of council restrictions, regulations and directives mandated that this project be designed to blend with the houses that surrounded it. With this in mind, the team at Valley Kit Homes presented the owners with a design from their extensive portfolio and suggested modifications to the basic blueprint and materials list to boost its standing as a heritage home replica. The owners were impressed and the fate of the home was placed in the council’s hands, as all parties concerned waited anxiously and confidently for its tick of approval to certify that the house met the high standards of the historic municipality.

The council granted the necessary approval willingly and the four-bedroom home was given permission to proceed, but there was another challenge that also needed to be faced before construction could begin. Several sewerage pipes inhabited the small block of land designated for the home and posed an obstacle to the foundations of the house, but not one that could not be overcome. An act of clever engineering would set the house on sturdy and strong steel beams and eliminate the need for an excessive amount of posts, which would have clashed with the pipes.

With all complications dealt with, there was nothing to obstruct the Valley Kit Homes dwelling’s path to completion. The high-set home stands proudly above ground level and proves itself to be statuesque in its resplendent classic beauty. The buttery cream-coloured weatherboard exterior is elegantly framed in parts by expansive verandahs that offer the ideal spot for relaxation. However, it is not necessary to be outside the home to enjoy the outdoor views as the many large windows throughout the house allow the place to drink in the landscape and natural light.

Inside, the heritage theme of the exterior finishes has been maintained, as Australian hardwood T&G floorboards set a traditional tone while a welcoming charm radiates throughout. The owners finished the home with lighting and fittings to suit their personal tastes and the house is a joy to return to each day.

This delightful Queenslander from Valley Kit Homes is proof that age is only what you make of it. The home may be young in years but it possesses the charisma of a much older residence. Passers-by in this street have to look twice to pick the new house on the block, much to the satisfaction of the owners, the local council and the neighbours.

Accommodation: Four bedrooms plus under-house garage and storage.
Special features: Heritage-style finishes on external windows and doors.
Size: 145 square metres plus verandahs.
Price: $86,000 plus modification costs.