Meeting high demand: narrow lot designs


This home building company is meeting high demand in Sydney by offering affordable, innovative designs perfect for smaller lots

As the Sydney population is growing and land is becoming more expensive the block sizes in new land releases across Sydney are shrinking, with many frontages having widths of 7.5m-12.5m.

There is now a change in buyers’ perception of what they can afford as a desirable home. Affordability is a major factor in the decision process for a potential buyer, as the land price per square metre is so expensive, the smaller the block the smaller the house, resulting in a more affordable price.

It’s a misconception that a narrow lot means you can’t have good sized house. In fact, a narrow house can still feel very spacious inside — it is all about the design.  Rawson Homes have responded to this demand for smaller lots, with the objective to stay ahead of the game by creating a fresh new narrow lot range of designs, with floor plans that suit the block while keeping in mind their clients’ personal lifestyle and practicalities.

Rawson Homes already had 13 designs that fit 12.5m lots and their latest range, launched in October 2015, added another 12 (each with 1-6 floor plan variations and 3-5 façade options) fitting lots as narrow as 7.5m. Eleven of those 12 new designs are double storey, including the ‘Mayfield’ which is a 6.5-metre wide home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an alfresco area included. Over 50% of Rawson’s published designs fit narrow lots and the company has focused on making the most of every square metre with its new designs.

Rawson Homes’ four-bedroom Huntley design has taken out both HIA and MBA awards and is the company’s most popular design for narrow lot building. There are four floor plan options; the Huntley 24 is the narrowest with a width of 7.68 metres including a single garage.

As Rawson Homes procurement and innovation manager Paul Callaghan explained, “Because the blocks are getting so small we’re basically setting the parameters based off the block of land and we’re filling up the full footprint that we possibly can to get a bigger house on the block

You can’t afford to lose even a few square metres of usable space on blocks of this size.”

Finding a block that can still house a 4 bedroom house with a double garage is the optimum house and land package” “I think anywhere in Sydney if you can get a house and land package around the $700,000 mark you will sell it well and sell it fast”.

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