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Semi-frameless pool fencing

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Glass fencing gives your pool an elegant touch and provides a sense of seamless flow between pool, house and yard. It therefore pays to choose a stylish design. Glass Outlet not only provides a modern aspect to glass solutions, it also offers a complete range in order to be a one-stop shop.

The 50mm Australis system provides a 50mm x 50mm square profile and offers a range of extrusion options including half, one-way, two-way and three-way posts for semi-frameless pool fencing and balustrade installations. The flexibility of the post-glazing pockets, which accept 8mm-, 10mm- or 12mm-thick toughened glass, makes it even easier to choose the right product for your needs.

Semi-frameless glass systems are a more cost-effective option than fully frameless systems, and in many cases provide a preferred aesthetic. They also offer the flexibility to mix and match a pool fence with an upper-level balustrade. This ensures a fully integrated installation.

Glass Outlet also supplies prefabricated 90-degree and 135-degree corner pieces, which are a huge benefit when installing handrails as they eliminate the need for difficult mitre cuts to be made on-site.

Quality being a priority in all aspects of the process, Glass Outlet looks both domestically and worldwide to find factories with the skills and equipment to do a quality job and to deliver products on time and at a competitive prices. Glass Outlet’s products and design options offer design flexibility and take the hassle out of building a pool fence.


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Glass Outlet focuses on providing customers with complete solutions, the best customer service and high-quality products. A priority of its business model is absolute attention to quality in all aspects of product sourcing and supply. Glass Outlet also combines sophisticated sourcing and quality control management to provide the best customer service and the lowest prices possible.

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