The bucket test: how to measure your water pressure and flow rate


Before installing any kind of sprinkler or irrigation system, it is essential to know your water pressure and flow rate. Luckily, this can easily be done with one simple household item – using the bucket test

Knowing your water pressure can help you work out what kind of irrigation system best suits the needs of your garden. The bucket test can also help you work out whether you need to install a pressure reducer to lower your water pressure, or a boost pump to help increase it.

The easiest way to test both your flow rate (how fast your water runs) as well as water pressure (how strong your water flows) is by doing the ‘Bucket test’. To work out both water pressure and flow rate, all you need is a simple 9 litre bucket and this handy conversion table.

How to perform the bucket test:

  1. First, ensure all your other taps are turned off. Then, run the tap you wish to fill your bucket up with on full
  2. Measure the time it takes the bucket to fill up with water. Then consult this handy table:

  3. The time taken is shown in the table. This will give you both the flow rate and the water pressure (in kilo-pascals).

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