Keeping warm in winter: outdoor heating solutions


These outdoor radiant heaters will ensure you’re warm these cold months

The temperature outside may have fallen but outdoor heaters enable families to enjoy outdoor entertaining throughout the entire year. And the good news is that not only can you stay toasty warm, regardless of the weather, but you can also forget about hefty energy bills.

Heatstrip Classic
A stylish, electric radiant heater, Heatstrip Classic provides even and comfortable heat. With a distinctive, slim profile and black face, the Heatstrip Classic blends elegantly into any decor. According to Thermofilm Australia, it is one of the most energy-efficient heaters available, with running costs starting from just 30 cents per hour.

Heatstrip can be used anywhere around the home, including houses and apartments with undercover outdoor living and alfresco dining areas such as barbecue zones, patios, verandahs, courtyards and balconies. They can even be installed under an umbrella.

Accessories allow the Heatstrip Classic to be flush-mounted in a ceiling for a high-end, streamlined look and, when an area has high ceilings, the units can be lowered with extension poles and suspension chains. A range of other mounting options are also available, depending on the layout of the area to be heated and type of overhead structure.

Following its popularity in coastal areas, Heatstrip Classic now has superior corrosion protection thanks to its unique alloy casing, making it ideal for all locations.
Heatstrip has no internal moving parts, ensuring silent and maintenance-free operation. An optional timer provides automatic switch off and temperature control.

Heatstrip Max
Heatstrip Max is suitable for open sites and those permanently exposed to the weather. In addition to areas such as open courtyards and verandahs, Heatstrip Max is ideal for beer gardens and any alfresco areas not fully protected from the weather, including coastal locations, or where more intense heat is required.

A unique feature of the high-temperature infrared heater is Heatstrip Max’s low-glow Incoloy element. Like all Heatstrip heaters, this unique feature is designed, engineered and assembled in Australia. Traditional infrared systems have a blinding glow that is distracting, obtrusive and wastes energy. However, even though Heatstrip Max has a heat output of up to 700°C, it is still very energy efficient.

Another advantage of the dual-element Heatstrip Max is its ability to be used on ceilings up to 3.5m high. Built to commercial-grade quality, it comes with ceiling, wall, chain/wire and pole suspension-mounting options and can be supplied with a lead and plug for easy DIY installation (model THX2400 only).

All Heatstrip heaters are fully designed, engineered and assembled in Australia for Australian conditions and come with a two-year, full-replacement warranty for residential applications.

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Originally in Winter Warmth, Volume 6

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