SunValue Installation on a Steep Roof

Heliocol Pool Heating (Sydney Branch) was approached by a competitor solar pool heating company to quote for a replacement solar pool heating system that was damaged during a wind storm. The company that approached us stated that they were unable to install their system on the roof of due to the steep pitch of the roof.

The homeowner submitted our quote to their insurance company and the quote was approved within 48 hours. We had the commencement of our work scheduled within another 48 hours.

The installation was to be done in 2 stages. Stage 1 was for the removal and disposal of the damaged matting and pipework to allow for roof repairs to be done. Stage 2 was for the installation of the new SunValue Panels and associated pipework. We arranged for scaffold to be set up to allow for safe access to the roof. Our installers are trained and certified for safe working at heights and were wearing approved fall restraint harnesses during the installation.

The SunValue Panels that have been installed are fully moulded Polypropylene material, manufactured in Israel by Magen Eco Energy.

The panels in this installation are the SV-50 Panels; 9 x 3.65m x 1.20m = 4.38m2, Total =39.42m2

Unlike the old system – that was damaged by the strong winds because it was simply glued on the roof – the SunValue panels have an engineered mounting brackets system that have a 250km wind rating. Therefore the system will not be blown off the roof during high winds.

The Homeowner commented after the installation that they were impressed with how tidy the system looked on the roof and how quickly we were able to complete the installation.

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