Trend alert: Vertical gardens

Trend alert: Vertical gardens


Perfect for the urban home or an outdoor area that wants to stand out from the crowd, vertical gardens are becoming all the rage in landscaping.

By Tessa Hoult


1. Ensuring it uses the latest technology, Fytogreen is the industry leader in all things green and prides itself on its quality and innovation.  Fytogreen’s vertical gardens’ vegetated panels can be attached to any surface and its hydroponic watering system makes sure the vegetation stays fresh.


2. Vertical Gardens Australia’s expertise in all things green is extensive. Provided in all shapes and sizes, Vertical Gardens Australia’s products are self-watering, low maintenance and can be fitted with a variety of plants.


3. Greenwall’s VertiGro range offers homeowners design flexibility, sustainability and versatility. Using the Bin Fen system of individual species plantation, the VertiGro range allows each plant to be grown in its preferred medium.


4. Specialising in the installation of hydroponic feature vertical gardens, Lushe Urban Greening uses a proprietary felt-based product which allows you to quickly plant a vertical garden on site. Also offering homeowners a DIY option, Lushe Urban Greening aims to create beautiful landscapes in dense urban environments.

From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 4