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Industrial chic: building project
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A neglected commercial building transformed into a colourful, vibrant four-storey hub

Known for its live performance and restaurant culture, Enmore in Sydney’s inner west offers a unique display of elements both young and old. The streets are lined with quaint heritage-style homes while the walls of buildings are covered in graffiti — a characteristic that has been turned into a feature of this new development.

Inspired by the vibrancy of the graffiti-covered walls and the retro feel of the surrounding area, ACG Building, together with Alec Pappas Architects, transformed a neglected commercial building into a multifunctional, four-storey hub in Enmore’s town centre. With commercial spaces on the ground floor, the top levels host one- and two-bedroom apartments that evoke a modern, industrial feel with light-filled interiors and contemporary furnishings. Bold accent pieces pay homage to the graffiti that now marks the walls of this new block.

Not only are the apartments’ interior finishes something to rave about, but the building materials and fixtures are first class. The building’s concrete-constructed walls look exquisite from street view and complement
the building’s industrial style.

On the inside, heavy-duty insulation was added to soundproof each apartment from the noisy streets, as well as to help maintain the temperature of the interior. Double-glazed windows also contribute to each apartment’s insulated qualities and skylights were added in the top two units to make full use of natural light.

While Peter Phokos of ACG Building admits there were numerous challenges to overcome during the building process — such as the need to strengthen the building’s foundations, run gas, electricity and water lines to the new floors, and ensure the retro, industrial style was maintained throughout the block — he and his team are incredibly happy with the end result.

The building suits its location yet reflects the modern era in which it was built and, most importantly, provides a light, bright, comfortable home for the new residents in the centre of a vibrant Sydney suburb.

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Originally in Best Homes, Volume 3

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