Nano revolution: decorative coating


This decorative coating uses the latest technology to create an amazing range of colour blends and sparkling effects

Foamfast’s latest texture coating offering is something special.

Designed as an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional texture coatings, Nanosilex is a durable decorative surface coating system equally suited for internal and exterior wall applications.

The Nanosilex isn’t just beautiful — it’s also environmentally-friendly. 100% recycled glass with high quality polymer resin binders was utilised to minimise impact on the environment and it is further coloured in such a way to withstand the possibly harsh conditions presented by Australian weather while ensuring its finish won’t fade. Meanwhile UV resistance, heat-reflection and water-repellent is just the icing on the cake when it comes to Nanosilex’s impressive features.

The Australian made and owned texture coating is easy to maintain, offers a variety of decorative options, has a wide range of colours and blends available and, most importantly, is affordable. If there was ever a revolution in the texture coating industry, this is it.

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 Written by Ben Nour

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