Ready-rendered fence cladding: wall facelift


Update your walls with foamfast fence cladding. These foam fence panels are the perfect rendered foam fencing solution.

If you have a dated garden wall, a shed that has lost its lustre or the exterior of your house is in dire need of an update, Foamfast’s range of fence cladding panels is an affordable and environmentally friendly solution.

Foamfast’s pre-rendered external foam fence panels can be used to give a backyard, courtyard or swimming pool area a luxurious new look. They can also be used to modernise an old fence or create pillars, bulkheads or planter boxes to complement the style of your home or any outdoor structures such as a poolside cabana or garage.

You can even use these foam fence panels to clad or “box up” an existing pergola, turning it into a contemporary outdoor entertaining space that can be used year-round.

Foamfast’s new-generation external fence cladding panels are made of expanded polystyrene, which is core-reinforced with fibreglass mesh. This makes the panels solid but lightweight, which is why they are so easy to move and the ideal cladding solution for balconies, roof terraces and decks.

Foamfast’s fence cladding range is extensive and includes ready-to-hang 40mm screens that you simply attach to an existing fence to create a rendered feature. The company also has a range of pre-coated walls and feature screens, including 120mm solid wall panels, which stand 1800mm high and have posts installed. All you need to do is concrete them into the ground.

“Our panels offer exciting opportunities for the do-it-yourselfer, designers and builders as they can be used on straight or curved walls. This flexibility also makes it possible to combine different options such as timber slat infills, aluminium screens, lighting, intercoms, sliding gates and much more,” says Julian Waterman of Foamfast. “Strong but lightweight, the panels are easy to install and they’re the ideal solution when weight is an issue, such as on balconies and roof terraces,” he continues.

“All panels are manufactured using a fire-retardant additive and the insulating properties offer acoustic benefits for those who live on busy streets. A Foamfast fence or wall will withstand a certain amount of ground movement and expansion and the panels can have a six-star energy rating.”

Foamfast products, which boast superior strength and durability, and are easy to install, are made in South Australia where the company’s experienced in-house installation team is dedicated to ensuring that every project is completed without fuss and to the highest standards.

Foamfast distributes Australia-wide factory-direct from its plant in Adelaide. The company also provides landscapers, builders and homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the panels have a 10-year warranty.

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Photography by Sarah Long

Originally from Outdoor Design & Living magazine, Volume 30

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