Control your pool through your smart phone with the AquaLink TRi

AquaLink TRi takes the expense and complexity out of pool automation and delivers a user friendly and highly affordable product to your pool pad.


AquaLink TRi allows you to control multiple devices with a simple intuitive interface with the option of control through your smart phone.

With AquaLink TRi you can set schedules and programs across almost anything. You can schedule your chlorinator and pump to come on during suitable off peak periods, even schedules to activate your lights and water feature. And you have all this power at your fingertips anywhere, anytime with the option of iAquaLink.

iAquaLink puts control on the internet so you can access your pool via your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Set schedules and parameters to suit almost any compatible product, including:

  • Desired temperature (Gas, Heat Pump and Solar heaters)
  • Variable speed control
  • Chlorine output
  • LED lights
  • Water features and much more.
  • Assign labels to AUX for easy user selection of products and devices
  • Relocatable wired user interface for easy access
  • iAquaLink compatible for operation through web connect or iPhone/Android App
  • Control 4 x power sockets and 3 x power valve actuators
  • Available in Pool or Pool/Spa versions with or without iAquaLink


To see the AquaLink TRi in action, click here.

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